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      MadCap Flare

      What Makes MadCap Flare the Go-to Tool for Content Creators?

      Aug 16, 2022

      4 minute read

      There is so much that goes into creating content that attracts readers, ranks high on search engines, and turns visitors into customers. Content creation is a researched-back and lengthy process that requires a lot of effort and several parameters to be met in order to stand out.

      So, how can writers, marketers, and content creators create exceptional content amid oceans of content flowing through the web? Well, they are all in need of specific tech writing tools to help them work more efficiently.

      While there are a plethora of tools and technologies to improve the content creation process, MadCap Flare stands apart due to its distinctive features and functionality. MadCap Flare is used by some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

      It facilitates advanced topic-based and micro content writing along with industry-leading multi-channel publishing that gives businesses a leg up on the competition. And when it comes to maximizing content reuse and expediting the production, management, and delivery of information across the enterprise, MadCap Flare becomes a trusted ally.

      How MadCap Flare UI Can Make Content Easily Accessible and Manageable?

      MadCap Flare is a very effective tool. It is the first native XML content authoring application. Flare allows you to create single-source content in a non-coding environment. You can create documentation for the web, desktop, print, and mobile devices from a single Flare project.

      Features of MadCap Flare UI

      Here are some of the features you should be aware of before building and developing a Flare project.

      1. Content Architecture

      The process of creating outputs that satisfy the declared or implied needs of the target audience is known as content architecture. As Flare is versatile, your project universe (all of your projects, tools, features, pieces, and content as well as how they’re all put together) may end up unique. As a result, you should spend some time planning your project architecture both externally and internally. Let’s take a quick look at these:

      External Architecture: External project architecture deals with your projects such as entities, their structures, and what exists outside of them. This includes external procedures, tools, and other elements such as source control, task management, templates, and more that surround your projects.

      Internal Architecture: The internal project architecture is concerned with the file organization and feature usage within a Flare project. It covers topics including naming conventions, directories, and project structure using snippets, conditions, variables, and more.

      2. Responsive Layout

      This feature allows you to create several grid layouts for different screen sizes such as web, tablet, and mobile.

      You can utilize the Responsive Layout window pane to develop responsive content for HTML5 output. Create a one-row grid to hold content in this window pane. The advantage of putting your material into a grid like this is that it can shift and adapt to different screen sizes.

      3. Images

      Images can be inserted into pages. BMP, EMF, EPS, EXPS, GIF, HDP, JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PS, SVG, SWF, TIF, TIFF, WDP, WMF, XAML, XPS are among the raster and vector image formats being supported.

      MadCap Capture has advanced screen capture and image editing capabilities, making it simple to include photos in your work. Re-crop and re-capture photographs with ease and add subtitles. You may also use custom mediums from your Flare projects to single-source photos, save common image settings in profiles, and much more.

      Pro Tip: Add illustrations as a bonus! Since the dawn of technical communication, illustrations have been employed in technical papers. Technical illustrations include technical drawings, schematics, pictures, and screenshots.

      Illustrations also aid in audience engagement by breaking up text and allowing the audience to better comprehend and retain information.

      MIT researchers discovered that the human brain can recognise images seen for as short as 13 milliseconds(i).

      Therefore, including visuals improves the quality of the information you’re trying to convey.

      4. Translation & Localization

      Translation and localization services help us communicate and understand one another more effectively around the world. Localization adapts content for a given region, whereas translation alters the language of your content. MadCap solutions (such as Flare, Lingo, Capture, and others) are designed to make the translation process as simple as possible, so you can give multilingual documentation to your global audience.

      It may seem difficult at first to prepare documentation for translation and localization, but there are best practices you can use to make the work easier, more cost-effective, and ready for an efficient translation. Keep in mind that the project and content should be kept as simple as feasible while you write. If the original content is clean and of good quality, the translation and localization will almost certainly be as well.

      5. Searchability

      You can create a help system in MadCap Flare that includes a link in each topic. The discussion will then be reopened within the wrapper when you click this link. Flare creates a reasonably extensive client-based search solution for HTML5-based media. It can be used to create the search system we want. Flare basically loops through topic files, extracting words, topic titles, and URLs.


      From the initial stage of content creation to its final stage and everything in between, Flare has it all. MadCap Flare makes the life of writers and content creators so much easier. With all these amazing features, MadCap Flare will become the one solution that all content creators will look up to.

      Ready to Move Beyond the Ordinary With MadCap Flare? Talk to Us!

      Our experts can help you utilize MadCap Flare to customize knowledge bases, help docs, manuals, and more. For more questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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      (i) MIT

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