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      MadCap Flare

      Why Are Businesses Making the Switch to MadCap Flare?

      Sep 13, 2022

      3 minute read

      Long documents such as user guides can be difficult to manage especially when you start creating multiple versions but what if you need that content online? MadCap Flare is a versatile application used to create user guides, online help systems, knowledge bases, ebooks, manuals, and more.

      Besides being a leader in technical communication software, MadCap Flare helps you in content development, delivery, and management in various formats like print, online, desktop, and mobile.

      Authoring, highlighting, publishing, and translating are all possible with this content generation and management software. Having said that, it is one of the most trusted and valuable resources for developers, writers, and businesses alike.

      Benefits of MadCap Flare

      MadCap Flare comes with a lot of features and there is so much you can do with it. Let us look at the reasons below why it is second to none when it comes to technical writing tools.

      Benefits of MadCap Flare

      Maximized Content Reuse

      Authors have the issue of having the same procedure strewn across lots of different manuals and they get tired of updating the same content across all of those manuals. MadCap Flare’s single sourcing capability enables you to use the same content to produce many outputs.

      Responsive Layout

      With so many gadgets on hand, switching between screens is more than just a fad. The configuration and size issues on various devices pose a problem. MadCap Flare solves these problems as the content you write in MadCap Flare can be published to different channels.

      Improved Self-Service

      MadCap Flare improves self-service by making the manuals available online. You can produce content based on how your users are searching and using the content every day.

      Flexibility and Ease of Use

      Not an XML programmer but still want to achieve all the functionalities? MadCap Flare is the right tool for you. It is extremely handy and flexible. It uses a multiple document interface that provides you with many options to work the way you want.

      Reasons Why You Should Choose MadCap Flare

      Leading organizations around the globe are choosing MadCap Flare and here are the top five reasons why.

      Write Once, Publish Anywhere

      With MadCap Flare’s write once, publish anywhere paradigm, you can cut project time, increase productivity, reduce localization costs, streamline content delivery, and improve the quality and consistency of your content. It also enables you to import multiple content types like MS Word, PDF, HTML, etc., to your project.

      Micro Content Authoring

      Micro content can be the text, videos, and images consumed by the reader in 10-20 seconds. Micro Content Editor makes it easy to reuse existing topics and snippet content as responses. It can greatly improve the user experience when people search for a particular thing in the form of a featured snippet in search results.

      Topic-Based Authoring

      It allows you to split your documents into smaller chunks of content. MadCap Flare automatically breaks down long document content and converts them into individual topics. Using its editor, you can add or edit this content for publication. It means you can create topic-based content that is modulated. They can be used as stand-alone and supplementary material in grouped content.

      Multilingual Output

      MadCap Flare can produce multi-language outputs both for web and for print. It creates a subfolder in your output folder for each language and when the user views the output, the content automatically displays in the browser’s default language. You can also choose to include a language selector which helps the users to switch the language from one to another.

      Drag and Drop

      Drag and drop files quickly and easily from Windows Explorer to directly into your projects. You can choose single files or multiple files either of the same type or different types. In case of project level files, MadCap Flare automatically sorts it for you.

      Wrapping Up

      For technical writers and content creators, MadCap Flare is an all-in-one solution. You don’t need to know HTML/CSS or any other technology to use Flare. MadCap Flare makes it simple to manage your content with mind-blowing features even if you don’t have any technical skills.

      Want to Leverage the Benefits of MadCap Flare? Let’s Talk!

      And if you have more questions about content development, our content marketing experts would be happy to pitch in or you can just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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