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      Why Soft-Skills Are Crucial For Every Analyst

      Sep 14, 2017

      < 1 minute read

      Recently, Grazitti Interactive’s VP of Analytics, Sandeep Saini, and Alteryx’s Senior Director of EMEA Marketing, Chiara Pensato, shared their views on why soft skills are essential for data scientists and business analysts.

      With the proliferation of platforms and data analytics tools, analytics has turned into more than just cold, hard data. Professionals, in a bid to grab coveted positions, have been focusing entirely on building their technical skills.
      Soft-Skills for Analysts
      In the blog post, Sandeep and Chiara talk about why soft-skills are crucial for every analyst and why it is important to understand their target audience. Along with this, the duo discussed why it is imperative for data scientists and analysts to put themselves in the shoes of their business partners to build a successful project.

      Read the complete blog post here.

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