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      10 Sure-Fire Ways to Effectively Promote Video Content in B2B Marketing

      May 13, 2022

      4 minute read

      Did you know, 88% of people feel convinced to buy a product by watching a brand’s video?[i]

      The statistics conclude that humans are visual creatures. Hence, the rising popularity of videos. With the rise of video, now comes the responsibility of promoting the content.

      For marketers, video marketing has become an effective way to showcase their products and bring customers in. They are turning more and more to video marketing in their B2B endeavors.

      Well, to say the least, a video is worth more than a thousand words. Whether you are promoting your brand, product, or service; it gives you an edge over the competitors. All you need to ensure is that your content is informative and compelling, so it keeps people hooked.

      But on top of it, you need to know the different ways to promote video content in the B2B market. So, in this blog post, we’ll take you through 10 ways through which you can make customers recognize your brand with videos.

      What is B2B Video Marketing?

      It is difficult to convince people with just words.

      And this is where video marketing comes in. The visual aspect of the business makes all the difference.

      Simply put, B2B video marketing is the usage of promotional and sales videos to help business-to-business companies reach potential buyers and sellers. It can be used as a part of B2B lead generation or B2B marketing campaign.

      Using B2B video marketing effectively will help promote the product or service in an often more effective way than communicating with customers via email or website content.

      How to Promote Video Content in the B2B Market

      Here are ten different ways by which you can promote your video content in the B2B market.


      1. Emphasize Your Brand’s Identity with Brand Videos

      Brand videos are designed to showcase the brand identity and build trust. The tone and style of the video can help customers learn more about your company’s values, culture, and products. When designing a brand video, think about who you are as a company and what is important to you.

      2. Solve User Problems with Educational & Tutorial Videos

      Sometimes when you’re dealing with a technical product or service, you might confuse and overwhelm the audience with lots of information. To overcome this information overload, use videos to walk people through a process, and demonstrate how to use the product. These videos equip users with the knowledge of using the product, making them trust your brand more.

      3. Build Trust with Customer Testimonial Videos

      Testimonial videos enhance customer trust, making your audience confident in you. It makes people feel like they can rely on your brand, and it gives the impression that you are doing something about it.

      4. Promote Products through Feature Showcase Videos

      Sometimes your audience may want to see the features of your product or service before making any buying decision. And videos help you present the details of the products or services you’re offering.

      You can explain the features and benefits of using them or what makes your brand unique, which is really valuable for the buyer.

      5. Generate Awareness Using Walkthroughs & Explainer Videos

      Suppose your product is an electronic device and it has a function or feature that needs to be explained, then the best idea is to create an explainer video.

      For instance, you can create an engaging video where an actual person can illustrate what you want to explain. Or, you can create a situation around a character to show how your product solved their problem.

      Walkthrough videos are used to describe how something works in a very detailed and step-by-step way. You can use explainer video as a selling tool that can help you generate more sales.

      6. Video Interview with Industry Experts

      To reach out to your target audience, conduct a video interview with your industry experts. Along with educating your customers about your product, expert interviews are a great way to establish your company’s authority.

      7. Spread Knowledge with Instructional Tutorials & LMS (Learning Management System)

      When it comes to marketing, you can use video content to teach people how to use your tools and applications. This can be really useful when it comes to providing training materials and tutorials on using your LMS, software, or platform. An LMS allows you to create engaging courses, track user activity, use gamification tactics, etc. to keep your audience clicking on your videos.

      8. Highlight Your Presence At Industry Events With Event Videos

      Events are a great opportunity to market your products and services effectively. But there is something much different when you are a small brand or it’s your first time attending an event. When you want to promote your brand at an event, consider creating a video.

      9. Tell a Video Story

      Video is one of the most important mediums for storytelling. Storytelling can help you create meaningful content that will get people interested in your brand.

      And today’s world is ruled by videos. People love to watch them and get emotionally attached to them. So, if you are looking for new and effective ways to market your brand and establish an emotive connection with your target audience, tell them a story using videos.

      10. Announce Product Updates Through Teaser Videos

      It’s always better to give people a preview of your product before it’s officially released. This gives you more time to optimize the launch and make your target audience curious about your product. If you’re launching a new product or service, the best idea is to create teaser videos and promote them before the official release, so customers can take a look first and maybe buy it sooner.

      Wrapping Up

      A video is a powerful tool for B2B marketing. It helps you change the way people think and make them want to engage with your brand. You can use video content to build trust, generate awareness, solve problems and promote your brand to the right audience. Video is an effective tool, so be creative and think of new ways of using it.

      Want to Create Videos That Drives More Leads? Let’s Talk!

      Want to incorporate videos into your sales strategy, but not sure how to do it. Fret not, team Grazitti can help. Just drop in a line at [email protected] and our video marketing experts will help you boost inbound results and generate more leads.

      Statistics References:
      [i] wyzowl

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