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      10 Tips to Improve Salesforce Data Quality

      Aug 17, 2022

      4 minute read

      Salesforce data quality is important when it comes to business growth. Bad data can result in loss of revenue and damage to a company’s reputation, customer growth, and more. On the other hand, good data quality will help businesses do things accurately, make data-driven decisions, and target new customers.

      This blog post outlines the best practices that can improve the Salesforce data quality. But before we move on, let us get a clearer idea about data quality and its different aspects.

      What is Data Quality?

      The success of any business depends on the accuracy of data that different teams within the organization can rely on. Data quality can be measured through different factors such as accuracy, consistency, reliability, and whether the information is up-to-date or not. This can help organizations identify and resolve data errors quickly.

      Maintaining data quality will increase the overall productivity of your business and help teams make informed decisions. Some other benefits of clean Salesforce data include –

      • Fewer Mistakes and Happier Clients
      • Effective Business Practices
      • Easy Prevention of Duplication Errors

      Companies that are growing their business with Salesforce are well aware of the importance of maintaining quality data. However, data quality has some aspects. Let’s take a quick glimpse into it.

      What are the Aspects of Data Quality?

      Data quality depends on a number of things. Here are some of the important aspects that you can consider for your Salesforce data quality.

        • Accuracy

      It is important that you double-check your data for any possible errors and mistakes. For instance, you can validate mobile numbers, email addresses, or any other personal information to avoid empty fields within the records.

        • Consistency

      Consistency of the data can make a lot of difference. So, make sure you use the same format, language, and font size across all the records to keep the data clean. You can even consider adding the drop-down list to ensure more consistency.

        • Frequent Updates

      Customer data keeps on changing over time. So, make sure to keep updating your customer records to avoid any last-minute errors.

        • Duplication of Data

      Keep a strict check on the duplicate customer records in your Salesforce Org. In case you come across any, either omit them or consider merging them to keep things smooth.

        • Irrelevant Data

      You should research and remove any extra fields or ones with no value to maintain the data quality in your Salesforce Org.

      Salesforce data quality is very important for your business success or when it comes to overall productivity. But how can you maintain it?

      How to Improve the Salesforce Data Quality?

      Improving the data quality in your Salesforce Org starts with using the right data quality measures and with the right plan. This requires consistent monitoring of the data to maintain its integrity and to keep an open communication channel across all CRM stakeholders.


      Here are the top 10 tips that can help improve your Salesforce data quality.

        • Regular Data Monitoring

      There is always a risk to the data quality when you are updating the records. Sometimes, users can replace valid information or delete it by mistake, which can result in data degradation. Also, whether entering the information manually or importing it from a source, you may face different challenges despite your best preventive efforts. So, it is important to carefully monitor the database so as to identify and correct any wrong information.

        • Establish an Initial Set of Standards

      Develop a quality standard or set of rules for your Salesforce Org that helps identify the bad data and fix it automatically. Also, standardizing the data can help distinguish low-quality data from high-quality data. This will ensure that the quality of data is maintained at all levels, no matter how quickly you update your records.

        • Collect Accurate Information

      Make sure all your records are correct and up-to-date. In addition, communicate with all the teams within the organization and collect as much data as possible. Records with detailed and accurate information ensure better Salesforce data quality.

        • Verify the Information

      Once you have all the records listed with you, make sure to verify the information as per the required quality standards. This will enable employees to make an informed decision backed by credible data.

        • Create a Data Management Process

      You need to have a proper data management process for your Salesforce Org to maintain the data quality. Make your CRM system user-friendly and ensure that it can be easily accessed on mobiles. In addition, the CRM should be able to load and save quickly.

        • Educate your Employees

      The strategies and standards can be useful only if your employees are aware of them. So, make sure you educate all the members, users, and managers about the process and the importance of data quality.

        • Enforce the Standards

      Make sure that proper training is provided to the users to enforce the standards that you have created. Begin with the designing schemas which should implement validation rules, impose restrictions, and create workflows and dependencies.

        • Schedule Quarterly Data Audits

      A database full of bounced emails can affect the email deliverability. Certainly, you don’t want incorrect phone numbers and email addresses in your database. So, make sure to audit the data on a regular basis.

        • Input Clean Data

      Clean data in your Salesforce Org is the key to effective team collaboration. Make sure you stay in contact with your customers and keep updating the information if there are any changes. Regularly check your system for any technical or human error and get it fixed right away.

        • Look for Advanced Solutions

      The better the quality of your Salesforce data, the more your business can succeed. So, do not hesitate to utilize the advanced available solutions to maintain a high level of Salesforce data quality. You can find many third-party solutions in addition to the standard and manual toolsets.

      Wrapping Up

      Clean Salesforce data increases organizational productivity and also ensures a good business reputation among the customers. This means quality Salesforce data is important for a business to make valid decisions.

      Grazitti’s Dupe Manager is a Salesforce-Native and Lightning-Ready product that helps maintain data quality in your Salesforce Org. It also gives you the ability to schedule deduping to check for duplicates and automates detection of duplicates to maintain data quality.

      Looking for an Effective Way to Maintain Salesforce Data Quality? Talk to Us!

      If you want to see how Dupe Manager can help maintain data quality in your Salesforce Org, schedule a personalized demo with one of our product experts.

      If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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