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      11 Angular Component Libraries You Should Use In 2018

      May 25, 2018

      4 minute read

      Stack Overflow survey 2017 found Angular as the most popular front-end web application platform of the world.  

      Angular comes with all the tools and best practices, and allows you to use components to split your UI into different, reusable pieces. In this blogpost, we have listed 11 popular Angular component libraries that are useful and a must for your next app development project in Angular.

      11 Angular Component Libraries You Should Know in 2018

      These Angular component libraries are perfect for Angular 2 and higher versions. You can convert your components into building blocks, thereby sharing, developing, and syncing from any project of your choice. 

      Organizing the components also becomes easier with Bit.

      1. Material2

      Angular Component Library - Material2

      Material2 is the official component library of Angular, which helps implement Google’s material design. It is built using Angular and TypeSUIcript. Material2 is an example of how to write code while following Angular team’s best practices. You can use Bit Scope to install individual components.

      2. NGX Bootstrap

      NGX Bootstrap - Angular Component Library

      This component library comprises all core Angular-powered Bootstrap components. It is at 3.5K stars and ensures performance for mobile as well as desktop, as it was designed keeping in mind extensibility and adaptivity.

      3. Prime NG

      Prime NG - Angular Component Library

      It is a suit of 70 UI components, each with a different theme ranging from material to flat design. This component library is at 3.3K stars and is used by Fox, eBay and other organizations.

      4. NG Bootstrap

      NG Bootstrap - Angular Component Library

      NG Bootstrap is at 4.5K stars and replaces Angular-UI bootstrap, which is not maintained now. In this library, you can find Bootstrap 4 components for Angular. You also get high testing coverage with no dependencies on 3rd party JS.

      5. Onsen UI

      Onsen UI - angular component library

      Popular for hybrid and mobile web apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript, Onsen UI is at 6K stars. The library has components with Material and Flat designs, and binding for Angular.

      6. Vaadin Components

      Vaadin Components - Angular Component Library

      Vaadin Components have Material-inspired UI components for web and mobile apps. This suit bridges the gap between Polymer elements and Angular components. All elements are placed in different repos. However, you can group them into a single repo or keep them individually with Bit.

      7. NG-ZORRO

      NG ZORRO - Angular Component Library

      NG-ZORRO is written in TypeScript with proper define types. The components in NG-ZORRO are to provide an Ant Design-based enterprise-class UI. The Chinese-made NG-ZORRO suit is at 2K stars.

      8. NG Lightning

      NG Lightning - Angular Library

      NG Lightning elements are stateless functional components, which are developed for Salesforce Lightning Design System. These components depend on their input properties for performance and improved flexibility.

      9. NG Semantic-UI

      NG Semantic UI - Angular Component Library

      Based on Semantic-UI, the NG Semantic-UI components are Angular UI building blocks. The library is at 27 components with 1K stars. It provides the Semantic-UI interface as a set of components for applications built in Angular.

      10. Clarity

      Clarity - Angular Component Library

      VMware-designed Clarity is an open source design system, which draws together Angular components, UX guidelines, and an HTML/CSS framework. Clarity offers a set of data-bound, performant elements along with Angular.

      11. NG2 Charts

      ng2 charts - Angular Component Library

      NG2 Charts, at more than 1K stars, has Angular directives for 6 types of charts, whose properties are based on chart.js. Using NG2 Charts suit, you can visualize large data and lists.

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