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      Salesforce Service Cloud

      3 Key Features of Salesforce Service Cloud to Level Up Your Support Operations

      Dec 06, 2022

      3 minute read

      What if you could increase customer satisfaction, customer retention, and provide faster case resolution?

      Well, with Salesforce Service Cloud in your corner, you can!

      To build better customer relationships that matter and establish familiarity in the age of digital-first experiences, it’s all about delivering customer service at every touchpoint along the way.

      Customer service is a huge undertaking, but with a platform like Salesforce Service Cloud, the process becomes a breeze. Read on to know-how.

      What is Salesforce Service Cloud and What Makes it an Ideal Customer Service Solution?

      Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service software designed to provide service and support to customers.

      Salesforce Service Cloud equips your customer service agents with the ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

      With it, you can:

      • Support customer interactions on any channel
      • Automate business processes with intelligent workflows
      • Easily access all customer information
      • Utilize AI-powered recommendations to assign cases to the right agent

      Salesforce Service Cloud is an ideal solution for businesses that want to scale and take advantage of AI to offer personalized customer service and create a healthy bottom line.

      3 Features of Salesforce Service Cloud to Take Your Customer Service Experience up a Notch

      Service Cloud aims to efficiently organize processes within your customer support department and offer a rewarding customer experience. Here are some features to help you understand its capabilities.

      Saleaforce Service Cloud Benefits

      1. Service Cloud Self-Service Portals and Communities

      “Self-service is considered a major component of service strategy by 69% of decision makers.”[1]

      In this age of DIY, it is common for people to attempt to find information or resolve problems on their own before seeking assistance. A self-service portal allows you to achieve this and tailor the customer experience to their needs.

      In addition to boosting relationships, it is an effective strategy for reaching out to your potential customers. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you create self-service communities that are truly representative of your brand.

      This helps you to free up your agents from handling common queries or questions with a self-service help center. You can:

      • Embed knowledge articles and provide customers access to the right information.
      • Build mobile-responsive portals and communities quickly using Lightning Community Builder.

      2. Omni-Channel Routing

      Given the ever-growing mix of channels, the importance of omnichannel support isn’t going away anytime soon. And managing all these channels is a tall order for support agents.

      With Omni-Channel Routing, you can assign cases to the right agent based on skills, availability, and capacity to handle incoming work, as well as push cases directly into the Agent Workspace.

      Using this approach, your team sets rules to automatically assign cases to support agents based on factors such as caseload numbers and areas of expertise and resolve customer cases faster.

      Salesforce Service Cloud enables you to:

      • Keep customer data unified for easy access during each customer interaction.
      • Offer support everywhere and on any device.
      • Get report on average wait times, average handle times, and service level agreement adherence.

      3. Service Cloud Telephony Integration

      While chatbots, email, and web chat tools might be part of your customer service system, customers still value phone calls as a way to contact.

      The Salesforce Service Cloud telephony plugin lets you manage calls from your dashboard and transcribe conversations using voice transcription powered by AI. The Service Cloud also supports video calls, which allows you to meet your customers face-to-face.

      The Bottom Line

      Service Cloud is flexible and scalable: anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Powered by the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Service Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of your customers, so you can deliver smarter, faster, more personalized customer service.

      Want to Know How You Can Get a Competitive Edge With Salesforce Service Cloud? Talk to Us!

      Whether you need assistance with Salesforce Service Cloud implementation or customization, just drop us a line at [email protected] and our Salesforce experts will take it from there.

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