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      Salesforce Service Cloud

      Drive Call Center Success with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

      May 25, 2023

      3 minute read

      The call center industry has experienced a revitalization with the increase in remote work models, the need for delivering excellent customer service, and the encouragement of remote work models over the past few years.

      In an era of belt-tightening, companies are investing carefully in their call centers to differentiate and personalize their brands and to improve overall operational efficiency.

      The right investment in technology is the only remedy to solving the call center conundrum. However, 68% of contact center and CX leaders say their current technology solutions are not effective or are only somewhat effective in supporting digital transformation and the future of work.[i]

      To overcome this, adding an adept and nifty solution created specifically for call centers can change the narrative. That’s when Salesforce, with its Service Cloud Voice, comes to the fore.

      Salesforce Service Cloud Voice: A New Frontier in Call Centers

      Let’s admit it, there are some limitations to what humans and human agents can do. It’s practically not feasible for them to manually keep record of customer data, chat history, or reply to each customer’s queries within a few seconds.

      Considering the number of calls your agents have to take in a day, the possibility of them getting back to them within a few seconds and offering efficient service is slim.

      That’s when they need to rely on technology and not just any other technology, but AI! And that’s exactly what Service Cloud Voice is all about.

      Salesforce Service Cloud Voice acts as a Cosmic Iron Patriot Armor for your customer-facing team.

      How Does Service Cloud Voice Prepare Call Centers for Success?

      Integrated natively into the Salesforce Service Cloud console, Service Cloud Voice is an intelligent telephony solution. It combines Einstein’s power with the ability to understand your customers, the agent, and your phone system.

      That’s not all!

      As part of its partnership with Amazon, Salesforce has integrated Service Cloud with Amazon Connect. With this partnership, all phone calls are routed through an Omni-Channel platform from Service Cloud Voice.

      Want to know the best part?

      Using Service Cloud Voice, agents can generate predictive recommendations based on real-time voice transcription utilizing Einstein AI.

      In addition, Amazon Lex and Einstein offer native language-powered voice response systems (Voice Bots) that automate calls and reduce the average agent handling time.

      Let’s take a look at what you can do with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice to future-proof your call center operations:

      • Integrate telephony on Salesforce-integrate phone conversations directly into the console, rather than using screen pops, so data can be captured more easily.
      • Convert human voice into text in real-time on cases and other records without typing.
      • Push calls to agents and manage workloads alongside other channels using Omni-Channel – agents only have to access one Omni-Channel widget for communications and interactions.

      What Can You Do with Service Cloud Voice?

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      Boost Customer Service Agent Productivity

      With better tools and more powerful insights, you can empower your customer service agents. Streamline customer service by utilizing Einstein intelligence, and providing agents with a single source of truth.

      Streamline Telephony Systems Integration

      The Service Cloud Voice platform can be integrated with any telephony partner you choose, or you can purchase the pre-integrated telephony from Amazon Connect. When your phone channel runs seamlessly inside Service Cloud — alongside your web and social channels — agents can help customers more effectively.

      Swiftly Answer the Phone with AI

      Utilize AI-powered voice transcription and Einstein recommendations to deliver a seamless customer service experience. Give agents and supervisors real-time access to customer data via your voice and CRM channels.

      Personalize Customer Service Calls

      With an accurate purchase history and a complete view of previous customer conversations, service teams can offer personalized services and exceed customer expectations.

      Final Thoughts

      When call volumes are high and queries become increasingly complex, it can be challenging for companies to consistently provide great customer service. However, with AI-powered Service Cloud Voice, businesses can meet these rising demands and empower their phone agents to solve difficult customer problems empathically and in a timely and prompt manner.

      Want to Get Started With Salesforce Service Cloud Voice? Talk to Us!

      If you would like to get the right advice on how to leverage the Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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