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      5 Features That Can Redefine Duplicate Management in Salesforce

      Oct 16, 2020

      2 minute read

      An untreated duplicate, on average, incurs a cost of about $1 to prevent, $10 to correct, and $100 to store it.

      Such is the impact of bad data. Managing data becomes an ordeal when it’s polluted with duplicates, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

      In Salesforce, the standard deduping solution, Duplicate Management, doesn’t completely solve the purpose due to its inherent limitations. This makes every user wish for certain features that could have been a part of the standard deduping solution or any other solution that could extend its capabilities.

      Here are 5 features that we think can redefine the way you manage Salesforce data, making it more relevant and reliable:

      1. Automatic Detection of Duplicate Data
      Tired of manually finding out duplicates in your data? Well, this feature could serve you best as it would enable you to use pre-defined rules to find duplicates with a click. This can help you attain both cost and time effectiveness in managing data on all standard and custom objects within Salesforce.

      2. Customizable Filter Logic for Deduping
      Data coming from different sources can be tedious to find and manage. This feature can make data management a walk in the park by enabling you to customize filters for Salesforce data. You can easily clean large data records using this advanced feature.

      5 Features That Can Redefine Duplicate Management in Salesforce

      3. Scheduled Deduping
      As the name suggests, you can schedule an automated check on the duplicate records to get rid of bad or unwanted records regularly without much effort. This feature can save your team from extensive manual efforts of cleaning data.

      4. Unification of Child Data with Parent Data
      One of the major reasons of data duplication is the creation of multiple records from one, single parent record. By unifying the data of child records with the parent records, you can prevent duplication of data of a single account which is not yet supported by the Salesforce Duplicate Management.

      5. Merge Records
      Determining the relevance of data can be quite dicey. The operations team might have a hard time differentiating between what must be merged and what must be kept as is. However, using the ‘merge’ feature, all standard and custom Salesforce objects’ data can be accumulated based on the defined rules, giving you full control of which information should be retained and how.

      All these features might seem fascinating but, unfortunately, aren’t available in the standard deduping solution for Salesforce. However, our Dupe Manager breathes life into these features. Its data cleansing powers serve you the most refined and reliable Salesforce data at all times. By offering better user adoption and experience, this highly customizable deduping product is here to make data management a cakewalk for you.

      Want to dedupe and manage Salesforce data in a relevant manner? Get Dupe Manager.

      If you want to see how Dupe Manager provides high-quality Salesforce data in the real environment, schedule a personalized demo with our product experts or just shoot us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.

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