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      5 Reasons Why You Need an Idea Management Tool for Your Online Community

      Dec 08, 2021

      2 minute read

      Innovation is universal; and so are ideas.

      As an organization, you never know when you’ll hear a great idea.

      In fact, no idea is insignificant. When bringing in innovation, you need to consider ideas from a range of sources.

      An important source of ideas, online communities enable you to build and enhance product features, as well as drive customer engagement.

      So how do you build an effective process for idea management that helps you make the most of your online community?

      Effective Idea Management for Online Communities

      Rapid technological innovation is leading to a decline in product life cycles.

      This calls for effective idea management that enables you to minimize manual data handling and manage the influx of multiple ideas.

      Idea management tools help you go beyond just accumulating business ideas.

      As a community manager, they enable you to act in response to customer feedback, questions, and most importantly, ideas.

      As a product manager, they help you implement ideas from stakeholders in order to strengthen business relationships.

      Choosing the ideal idea management software can be tricky.

      To learn more about the key features that yours should support, take a look at this blog post.

      Why You Need an Idea Management Tool for Your Online Community

      With comprehensive idea management in communities, your business benefits in more ways than one.

      Let’s take a look:

      Why You Need an Idea Management Tool for Your Online Community

      Building Brand Loyalty

      Consider ideas from your community to build customer loyalty and belongingness towards your brand. Boost the likelihood of prospects converting into customers. Extend your product life cycle.

      Driving Business Value

      Enable customers to submit, track, select, and vote for ideas in your community. Tap into the collective wisdom of your community to understand and empathize with stakeholders.

      Powering Customer Engagement

      Engage customers in the evaluation and development of ideas. Showcase the ideation process, right from idea capturing to execution, and foster innovation to build a sustainable business.

      Maintaining an Ideas Archive

      Build a database of carefully categorized ideas. When addressing an unfamiliar business challenge, browse through this repository to gain an understanding into solving the problem.

      Gamifying Community Experiences

      Incentivize community members to become innovators with badges, missions, levels, leaderboards, and more, and acknowledge their contribution towards product development.

      Wrapping Up

      Listening to what your community has to say is a highly effective way of fostering innovation, powering engagement, and building brand loyalty.

      With technological advances giving customers multiple options to choose from, it is essential to address their thoughts, opinions, and needs.

      Drive Scalable & Gamified Idea Management in Your Salesforce Community

      At Grazitti, the Salesforce wizards have built IdeasPro, a Salesforce-native and Lighting-ready solution to supercharge your idea management journey.

      Get a quick demo or speak to our representatives, today!

      Should you want to know more, please write to us [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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