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      Email Marketing

      5 Simple Hacks To Rev Up Your Email Engagement Rates

      Mar 27, 2015

      3 minute read

      “44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.” –

      Email marketing has come a long way. In fact, it’s the most preferred way of communicating & disseminating information; with, 72% of B2B buyers being most likely to share useful content via email & 82% of consumers do open emails from companies.

      Email Marketing

      Good news fellow marketers, your audience is already open to engaging via emails. Now what can you do to dazzle them? Here are top 5 hacks:

      1. Think Mobile First
        According to a research from Litmus on Email Marketing Metrics, now, nearly half of the emails are opened on smartphones and tablets—a 500% increase in four years!First & foremost, start by writing a short, crisp subject line. And then craft an email that can be read easily on a mobile device.Want some inspiration? Take a look at how Obama’s email campaigns leveraged subject lines. All of them were short, intriguing, and were limited to 50 characters. Some examples:
        I will be outspent
        Some scary numbers
        Michelle time
      2. Get an outsider’s perspective
        Assign the responsibility of proofreading your email to someone from outside the marketing and sales teams – one who would have an unbiased view point on the message being sent out. Ask for a detailed feedback, analyze it and if suitable, re-work your email around it. You don’t want to send out a vague message to your audience and a fresh, neutral perspective will help you craft lucid emails.
      3. Resend emails to non-openers
        Resending emails to boost open rates is a practice that experts insist upon repeatedly, however, many marketers neglect it.
        Picture this: Your first email gets you a 15% open rate. You re-work the subject line and re-send another email to the people who did not open it the first time. It gets you an additional 15% open rate. Did you not just double up your open rate? It may sound fantastical, but think of the compounding effect. In the end, you will have a better open rate than what you recorded the first time. And the best part, it takes lesser time to do this exercise rather than creating an entirely new campaign.
      4. Align sales & marketing teams for maximum impact
        Marketers obsess over click & open rates and tend to get overwhelmed. Amid the fuss, the primary purpose of the email marketing campaign – to generate leads for the sales team – tends to go on a backburner.Here marketing-sales cooperation can be a life saver. Get your marketers to draft an email and get your sales reps on-board to weave their pitch into the email. This will ensure your audience receives an email that markets & addresses your audience’s needs.
      5. Nurture prospects with custom follow up emails
        Let’s say, your prospect filled out a form to download a case study. Your marketing automation instance or a rep from your marketing team follows up with a standard reply, which usually thanks the customer for downloading the case study. This is the absolute basic and necessary action. Go a step further. Personalize your emails by offering them more content along the lines of what they downloaded, doling out deals, talking about latest industry trends and more.

      The Quick Takeaway

      Successful email marketing is a delicate balance of grabbing attention, offering value, & nurturing prospects. Use these hacks to ensure that your audience starts looking forward to receiving your emails.

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