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      Demand Generation

      6 Landing Page Best Practices to Ace Demand Generation

      May 17, 2019

      3 minute read

      According to Sprout24, “Your conversion rate can go up by 50% if you are using a landing page”.

      Marketing is an incomplete game without a landing page! Common wisdom says that a marketing campaign without a landing page holds fewer chances of conversions. But, merely including a landing page in your campaigns is just not enough. It should be optimized well so as to attract your visitor’s attention and boost conversions.

      ”landing page best practices

      Below are the 6 best practices that should be followed when building a landing page for your campaign:

      1. Align your landing pages with your goals – Define your marketing goals before you develop your landing page. Normally, there are two types of landing pages:

      • Lead capture (or generation): If you’re aiming to build up your email list, then this type of landing page is perfect. Lead capture landing pages let you capture a user’s contact info, which normally includes the name and email address in exchange for an eBook, case study, infographic, etc. These landing pages are meant for a single step only i.e. downloading an asset. Visitors cannot explore your website further.
      • Click-through: If you want to educate your customers about your product/service, its features, and benefits so as to convince them to purchase, click-through pages are a perfect choice. The visitor will read through the content and click-through a CTA to complete the transaction. To put it briefly, these pages let visitors navigate to other areas.

      So, formulate your goals and develop a landing page based on your goals.

      2. Be consistent with your marketing campaign materials – Your marketing campaigns should act as a storyteller. They should tell a clear and consistent story to motivate your prospects to click the landing page link.

      While your emails and digital ads are meant to attract the readers’ attention so, the asset which you offer through your landing page is the ultimate product. Which is why it should be consistent with your emails or ads. If you do not keep your assets consistent, there are chances that your prospects might abandon you at an early stage. Getting abandoned at this stage will reduce the chances of leads getting on board again.

      Also remember, if you’re aimed at promoting your product or service, the campaign materials should be different but have a consistent message.

      3. Keep your forms crisp and short – Forms are the most indispensable part of your landing pages as they educate you more about your prospect’s interests in your products or services. But just to gather information some marketers make never-ending forms that ask for tons of information. This turns off prospects and they leave without filling out the form.

      That is why, fewer the form fields, more the conversions!

      4. Make it responsive – You just can’t ignore the responsiveness of your landing pages. As per Our Code World, 57% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. So there are better chances that people will notice your landing page. Though mobile viewers tend to have a shorter viewing span, so remember, your landing page should be crisp while also delivering the right information.

      5. Let testimonials and social proof tell the story – Testimonials go a long way to tell the stories of your products and services. Testimonials provide social proof and the required advocacy for your products and services. If you don’t have any or enough customer testimonials, get them as early as possible so that they act as your brand advocates.

      A testimonial will be more credible if it is from a renowned brand or a Fortune 500. Your clients promoting your brand socially is the best gift you can ever expect.

      6. Avoid call to actions, prefer call to values – Every landing page should have a call to action button, but that button should also represent something. Someone who lands on your landing page looks for what he can get from you and not what he’s supposed to do. So attaching a value proposition to the action is what is called as “call to value”. This approach hits the critical part of our brain which makes most of the buying decisions.

      For example, if you’re using the call to action button “Get Started”, what would motivate a person to get started? Instead, you can use “Start My 30 Day Free Trial” or “Show Me How”.

      It’s time now that you start building landing pages that convert. A right marketing automation software will add more power to your marketing campaigns as it will help you with your landing pages and overall marketing efforts.

      Rock your campaigns with our marketing templates!

      At Grazitti, our asset team will help you build unique landing pages and other marketing templates. If you need any help, we’re just one email away. Check out our Marketing Assets page or drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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