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      Accelerated Mobile Pages – A must-have for your Website

      May 18, 2020

      3 minute read

      It’s time to speed up your mobile pages!

      Mobile has been overtaking desktop slowly in terms of the usage for all web related activities. In fact 51.3% of all internet usage is mobile.

      This trend has led Google into building a framework known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2016. An open-source effort, AMP helps optimize websites and enhance loading times by 70%.

      AMPs use a particular framework based on existing HTML. This helps streamline the information exchange with browsers to help create a faster and efficient user experience. In other words, it makes page load time almost instant.


      How does AMP boost eCommerce business?

      eCommerce business owners put a lot of efforts into improving their store performance, building marketing strategies and offering quality products. However, most efforts would be a waste if your web store isn’t accessible from mobile.

      In fact, when a visitor comes to your online store, the first impression of your website decides their action. That’s what you can improve with AMP technology. It helps you attain customer satisfaction through excellent store performance while lowering the bounce rate.

      But, why do you need to implement AMPs on your eStore?

      Quicker load time

      Accelerated Mobile Pages helps improve page-loading performance of a website by removing unnecessary data. In fact, the whole project was based on the idea that mobile users expect quicker results, so pages were adjusted for smartphone use.

      As a result, some complex pieces of backend programming needed to be pragmatically reduced to improve efficiency.

      Lower bounce rate

      According to a research, load times of upto three seconds experience a bounce rate of around 30%. When the load time touches five seconds, the bounce rate rises to 90%. This means that optimization for mobile pages is crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

      Therefore, fast loading times will lead to mobile browser users viewing more pages, thereby reducing bounce rate.

      Higher performance and flexibility

      AMPs are not the only framework out there designed to improve page performance. However, it is the most flexible one when it comes to granting access to the streamlined stylesheet. It is precisely built around the motive that mobile users want their content instantly.

      Better mobile SEO

      In order to drive traffic to your website as well as retain and convert visitors, performance and speed are two important factors. These help you ultimately rank higher in search engines. Here AMP proves to be the best because of the search-engine benefits offered to AMP pages.

      AMP pages are often faster than the non-AMP pages. It helps you build beautiful AMP home pages that score well on SEO.

      Increase Conversions

      Higher page load speeds encourage your eCommerce conversions. It also permits them to fins the products or the services they are looking for quickly. The more products your customers will view, more are the chances of receiving orders in bulk.


      AMP is really powerful and helps you meet Google’s expectations related to speed optimization. It can increase your online store’s visibility while boosting organic traffic and decreasing bounce rate.

      Since AMP is widely influencing the online traffic, it is important to implement it soon and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

      Want to Accelerate Your eCommerce Store’s Mobile Pages? Let’s talk!

      Our ṭeam of experienced eCommerce developers are always ahead of the curve when it comes to developing AMP oriented websites. We can help you with a seamless transition to Accelerated Mobile Pages to help you remain competitive and up to speed in the eCommerce ball game. Should you have any questions, feel free to drop a line at [email protected].

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