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      Agenda Builder-Choose your own adventure at DF ’15

      Sep 02, 2015

      3 minute read

      With over 1,600 sessions, 100+ hours of hands-on training, 75 Circles of Success, 25 workshops and 80 sessions, Dreamforce has become the biggest tech conference in the world. If you are planning to attend specific sessions at DF ’15, Agenda Builder is the ultimate tool. It allows you to map the 4-day conference by selecting and scheduling the sessions you wish to attend. Salesforce Agenda Builder is a great way to prepare, publish, store, search and retrieve agendas along with all the related documents. The easily implemented tool generates substantial benefits before and after managing events. You get:

      • Improved quality and consistency of the agenda
      • Improved productivity and timelines in completing the agenda
      • Improved service to the clients
      • Reduced printing and storage cost

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      What’s new in Agenda Builder?

      Available only for registrants, DF’15 Agenda Builder allows them to select their favourite sessions and keynotes to make the most of their Dreamforce experience. Apart from this, Agenda Builder can now also be used for:

      Agenda Builder
      • Personalizing sessions: It allows you to select Salesforce products, themes, roles and industries through new on-boarding. Also, add a photo to your User Profile, Chatter posts, and more.
      • Updating personalized sessions: It allows you to update your personalized preferences at any time on the session page. You can open the filters for each element and click to add or subtract each filter.
      • Picking sessions with experts: It allows you to add sessions by clicking on Expert Picks to see all the sessions that qualify. Sessions tagged as “can’t-miss sessions” can help you to find the best learning opportunities for the Themes, Roles, Industries and Products that interest you.

      Get started with Agenda Builder

      Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan out sessions with DF’15 Agenda Builder:

      Step 1: To select a session with Agenda Builder, go to and select the ‘Login’ button from the top right. If you haven’t registered yet, click ‘Register’ and select log in to add sessions.

      Step 2: Click on “Salesforce Log In” if you are a Salesforce user, else click on the Dreamforce button below in case you are only attending Dreamforce.

      Step 3: After logging in successfully, use your Salesforce, Dreamforce, or Marketing Cloud credentials to log into the next screen.

      Step 4: You will then be logged into a new welcome screen along with the access to the Success Community on the top. Then click on “Session Lineup” to view all Dreamforce sessions.

      Step 5: After clicking on “Session Lineup”, select as many sessions you wish to attend, but it is always recommended to attend 3 to 4 sessions per day so that you can explore other things during the event.

      Step 6: Now click on the arrow or name to use multiple filters at once to select the sessions that suit you best.

      Step 7: After selecting the sessions, click on the session title from the result list to see the session description. You can also see the speaker information, a list of related products and roles for that session, and the location on the session’s page. You can also interact in “Session Chatter” and see related sessions below it.

      Step 8: You can also search for a particular session by typing it into “Search Sessions”. The sessions will automatically be filtered and displayed. You can also add and favourite a session from the session page.

      Step 9: You can then click on the “Enrol” button and reserve a seat for the session. It will be displayed on your agenda and you can also share it from the same location.

      Takeaway to pick your sessions wisely

      Dreamforce this year is going to be huge networking hubs, one-on-one training, breakout sessions, interactive demos, in-depth discussions, free trials, and so much more. Though you can’t attend all the sessions, you can map out some for each day with Agenda Builder. Here are some recommendations for selecting sessions:

      • Plan out your goals for the conference and match them with the sessions offered.
      • Test the filters or tags on sessions via Roles, Products and Themes to ensure you don’t miss anything.
      • Consider the size and location of the session of interest when building your schedule.

      Planning to schedule sessions with Agenda Builder?

      Dreamforce is one of the best conferences out there and so much more than scheduled sessions. So plan wisely and don’t worry if you miss a few things. For a more in-depth walk-through of the agenda builder, just drop us a line at [email protected]

      Disclaimer: Dreamforce, Salesforce, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud etc. are all trademarks of Inc.

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