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      Animated Commercials: Your Key to Increasing Brand Uniqueness

      Dec 15, 2022

      4 minute read

      When it comes to creativity in videos, the sky’s the limit!

      However, watching the same faces all over again can be mundane.

      Needless to say, creating a video commercial requires a lot of effort, resources, time, and whatnot!

      Red Bull realized this and they started creating their commercials in a fun and creative way! They combined humor and simplicity to make marketing campaigns interesting. The unique thing about their commercials is they are enjoyable and memorable, which keeps them close to their customers.

      So, what’s their secret?

      Animated commercials.

      An animated commercial is a brief video that informs viewers about your business. It employs endearing characters and a compelling plot that can touch the hearts of the audience and grab the interest of potential customers.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss why animated commercials are so popular and how they help to sharpen your brand image.

      Why Is Animated Advertisement Trending These Days?

      The next trend in advertising is animated ads, which some off-shore firms have already adopted.

      People no longer want to hear persuasive speeches and mechanical product pitches. They seek out original and recently brewed content.

      This is where animated advertisements come into the picture.

      According to a recent report, video animation marketing might capture 82% of internet usage(i).

      Given that number, we can say that animated ads have a promising future.

      Here are some facts about animated ads that may surprise you:

      • Video animation on the landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% to 90%(ii).
      Video marketing stat
      • As 90% of the information that the mind adapts is visual, an animated advertisement leaves a deeper imprint on the mind of the viewer(iii).
      • 94% of people watch animated videos to better understand the business or product, and 84% of viewers made a purchase as a result of watching the video(iv).
      • Compared to last year, animated advertisements are being used 30% more frequently(v).

      Although the statistics mentioned above are quite convincing, there are several other compelling reasons to incorporate video animation into your marketing plan.

      Let’s find out what’s the deal with attention span and animated videos.

      Attention Span in Animated Videos

      According to the research conducted by Wistia, visitors stayed on pages that contain videos 1.4 times longer than on those without videos(vi)!

      Hence, animated video converts more effectively than other videos.

      Also, cartoons in animated videos bring back our childhood memories. And that’s why we watch those videos more.

      Now that we are aware of what animated commercials are and why it grabs our attention, let’s discuss how animated commercials can raise brand awareness.

      How Animated Ads Help to Sharpen Your Brand Image?

      Animated commercials are an exceptional way to market your brand. It enhances your ability to communicate with potential clients. Moreover, it sells your idea before the audience moves on to the next stage by condensing your whole marketing strategy into a single, concise image.

      Sharpen Your Brand Image with Animated Ads

      Here are the reasons why animated commercials help to sharpen up your brand uniqueness.

      It Captures Viewers’ Interest

      It might be due to the “Goldfish attention span” or the fact that animated ads are more vibrant, businesses with animated ads are more likely to have a better recall value. They offer brief information in a visually appealing way and that’s why it increases the chances of your target market noticing your business.

      It’s Easy to Understand

      Animated movies make it easy to communicate with customers since they make even the most complex business ideas and marketing messages understandable. A difficult concept can be simplified into manageable scenarios.

      It Brings Humor to the Message

      People enjoy being entertained. If your content contains entertaining elements, like cartoons, which make it enjoyable to watch, more people will view and share it.

      It’s Emotionally Appealing

      Soul-stirring graphics promote awareness and draw attention to humorous relatable characters. You are more likely to be heard or seen if you address the viewers’ emotions. And nothing does it more effectively than animation ads.

      It’s Cost Efficient

      The fact that animation is less expensive than other videos is what makes it unique. A flawless animated ad costs only a small fraction of what it costs to produce a video, which might cost several thousand dollars.


      Animation allows for more freedom of expression in videos where you can say whatever you want. By requiring fewer people to work on the project, it saves time, money, and resources. Since animated commercials are entertaining to watch and interesting as well, they are more frequently viewed and remembered than any other type of video.

      Want to Make Animated Commercials a Part of Your Marketing Strategy? Talk to Us!

      Boost your presence and make a lasting impression on your audience by successfully using animated commercials in your marketing campaigns! Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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