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      Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Mobile CRM: Essential Basics and Setting Up Explained

      Mar 29, 2024

      4 minute read

      Your CRM system is a treasure trove of important sales information, all in one place. It holds everything about your customers – their contacts, what they’ve bought so far, and what they like.

      Over 64% of companies find CRM tools impactful and for every dollar spent on CRM, the average return on investment is $8.71[i].

      A whopping 81% of CRM users access their software from various devices. Surprisingly, 48% of them prefer using mobiles. Moreover, a staggering 87% of companies have embraced the cloud and harnessed the capabilities of mobile CRM[ii].

      This shift signifies the growing importance and effectiveness of leveraging mobile-based CRM solutions.

      Salesforce Mobile CRM, in particular, revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their CRM systems. It extends the power of Salesforce beyond the confines of an office, providing a seamless experience on mobile devices.

      This mobility empowers sales reps to connect with clients, access vital information, and update records.

      In this blog post, we’ll explore how Salesforce Mobile CRM acts as a catalyst in enhancing productivity, fostering stronger customer relationships, and ultimately, driving sales success.

      Let’s uncover how leveraging mobile CRM solutions like Salesforce’s can transform your sales approach and propel your business forward.

      Transforming Sales Dynamics With Mobile CRM

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      Embracing mobile CRM can herald a profound positive shift in your sales operation.

      It enables your sales team to seamlessly update and sync critical information instantly and share real-time data across the business. It helps in liberating your day-to-day sales tasks from the confines of a desktop, empowering your sales rep equipped with tablets or smartphones to:

    • Plan the day with integrated calendars
    • Join meetings swiftly with click-to-call functionality
    • Access and update leads, contacts, and opportunities seamlessly
    • Share and collaborate on files with ease
    • Gain quick access to insightful dashboards
    • Modern mobile CRM platforms offer more than just basic functions. By integrating mobile features with cloud storage, you go beyond simple data syncing. Instead, you gain access to real-time information stored centrally, accessible from any device at any time. This enables distributed teams to collaborate effortlessly, share files and data in the background, and update & send proposals instantly.

      Investing in a mobile-ready CRM platform has far-reaching implications for your organization and affects various aspects beyond the typical CRM user.

      Sales: Experience increased efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and uninterrupted access to shared cloud data anytime, anywhere.

      Marketing: Unlock new avenues to engage customers through personalized experiences and track social media activities using intuitive tools.

      Customer Service: Swiftly addresses cases across multiple channels, utilizing collective knowledge sources to resolve issues efficiently.

      IT: Leverage a robust development platform for mobile apps seamlessly integrated into your CRM system backend.

      As the prevalence and usage of mobile devices continue to surge, customers increasingly seek instant and on-the-go services. Mobile CRM empowers your organization to meet this expectation, fostering better connections and superior experiences.

      Now that you’re aware of the advantages of mobile CRM, let’s delve into what you can accomplish with Salesforce Mobile CRM.

      What is Salesforce Mobile CRM?

      Salesforce Mobile CRM is a suite of mobile apps that give you access to your Salesforce data and functionality on your smartphone or tablet. This means you can be productive and stay connected to your customers, anytime and anywhere.

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      How to Set Up Salesforce Mobile App?

      Logging in to Salesforce via the mobile app is simple. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough.

      Basic Elements:

      To get started, you’ll need three main things:

    • Your Salesforce username.
    • Your secret Salesforce password.
    • The web address (URL) of your organization’s Salesforce site.
    • Web Address:

      Remember, the login screen is set up to access your organization’s main Salesforce site using ‘’. If you wish to log in from a custom address (like your org’s single sign-on page) or connect to a sandbox for testing, you’ll need the specific web address for that environment.

      Trailhead Playground (TP) Credentials:

      You can also log in to the Salesforce mobile app using your Trailhead Playground org (TP) credentials. The TP is a practice environment for hands-on challenges on Trailhead.

      Let’s Get Started:

      Once you have your three key ingredients ready, here’s how to log in:
      For Production Salesforce Site:

    • Open the app by tapping the Salesforce icon on your device’s home screen. You’ll see the login page.
    • Enter your username and password.
    • Tap ‘Log In’.
    • For Different Environments (Additional Steps):

      For iOS Devices:

    • On the login page, tap ‘Settings’.
    • To add a new environment, tap ‘+’. Enter the web address (without ‘https://’) and a label.
    • Tap ‘Done’. Select the new environment, then log in.
    • For Android Devices:

    • On the login page, tap ‘Settings’.
    • Tap ‘Change Server’ > ‘Add Connection’.
    • Enter the name and web address (starting with ‘https://’) of the new environment, then tap ‘Apply’.
    • Select the new environment, then log in.
    • The Bottom Line

      Salesforce Mobile CRM redefines the way businesses operate. By granting effortless access to vital CRM functions on mobile devices, it eliminates the constraints imposed by traditional office settings and ensures operational fluidity.

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      Ready to harness the power of Salesforce Mobile CRM and stay ahead in the mobile-driven market? Write to us at [email protected] to know how we can help you set up and optimize Salesforce Mobile CRM.

      Statistical References:

      [i] MailChimp
      [ii] LeadSquared

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