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      Build Engaging, Omnichannel Experiences with Salesforce Communications Cloud

      Jan 27, 2023

      3 minute read

      Customer relationships are constantly changing in today’s technologically driven era. Yet, the one thing that has remained constant is delivering personalized customer experiences.

      So, how do you plan to keep up with the personalized experience?

      The answer is simple: by leveraging modern cloud applications. You can build customer loyalty, address personalized customer needs, and ultimately drive sales.

      That’s why many businesses rely on Salesforce.

      Especially, with its Communications Cloud, Salesforce has introduced an ecosystem for businesses to engage their digital-first customers and establish seamless communication channels that direct prospects to the bottom of the sales funnel.

      Here’s What Salesforce Communications Cloud Can Do for Your Business:

      Here’s What Salesforce Communications Cloud Can do for your Business

      1. Helps Implementing a Customer-first Approach

      To remain competitive, CSPs need to digitize rapidly to meet the needs of customers who increasingly demand convenient, easy-to-navigate, and customized experiences. A company that delivers these experiences will create a long-term relationship with customers.

      By leveraging Salesforce Communications Cloud, you can provide a cohesive, personalized customer experience, which will help you to adhere to the customer-first approach that is crucial to the success of any business.

      2. Accelerates Quote to Order Process

      Salesforce Communications Cloud provides your team with the ability to easily launch and share bundle offerings and ensures that quotes, contracts, and orders are appropriately priced. It reduces order fallout by ensuring that your team adheres to industry standards by:

      • Processing a customer quote in real-time with accurate pricing based on guided selling.
      • Generating a customer contract within minutes of customer signature capture.

      3. Drives Revenue With Predictive Analytics

      Your sales team can get AI-driven insights and offer tailored recommendations to win more customers. Its agile and modular 360 platform helps the sales teams build better relationships and decrease sales cycle time by delivering personalized offers and recommendations.

      Features and Benefits of Salesforce Communications Cloud

      Features and Benefits of Salesforce Communications Cloud

      Now that you have a basic understanding of Salesforce Communications Cloud and why you need it, let’s take a look at its features:

      • Base Data Model and APIs: You get a perfectly suitable and customizable data model that helps you create a simplified database that reduces redundancy and enhances efficiency.
      • Enterprise Product Catalog: Salesforce Communications Cloud comes with an unified catalog that simplifies product management for you. This feature enables you to capture products and pricing requirements.
      • OmniStudio: You get a powerful suite of task-based components that help you create a guided user experience with enterprise-grade UI, processes, and integration tools.
      • Industries CPQ: Enables you to amplify the sales and make the sales process easier and more engaging for your customers.
      • Contract Lifecycle Management: With Salesforce Communications Cloud, you can manage and automate the contract lifecycle. With this, your organization can minimize contract risks and stay organized while ensuring compliance with regulations and audit contracts for performance.
      • Digital Commerce Gateway: As one of the best features provided by Salesforce Communications Cloud, you get the benefit of seamlessly managing high-performing APIs and facilitating fast payment and smooth flow of transactions.
      • Order Management: Thanks to its catalog-driven order management capabilities, you can deliver orders error-free. This order management feature helps you to handle everything from receiving the order to delivering it. Not only this but Salesforce Communications Cloud also enables tracking and managing post-delivery customer relations.
      • Subscription Management: With this, you can efficiently automate your subscription management process. From collecting customer details to creating invoices, Salesforce Communications Cloud helps to simplify B2C subscriber onboarding.

      The Bottom Line

      The key to a great customer experience is a smooth buyer’s journey. With the Salesforce Communications Cloud, you’ll have all the tools and capabilities you need to offer a superior customer experience.

      Looking to Elevate Your Customer Experience With Salesforce Communications Cloud? Talk to Us!

      Our Salesforce experts can help you harness the full potential of Salesforce Communications Cloud. For more questions, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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