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      CallidusCloud CPQ: The Differentiator

      Aug 30, 2013

      2 minute read

      Whenever we are in a process of proposing a solution to our customer, we have to consider several factors like implementation time, costs involved and overall effectiveness of the solution.
      When we are looking for a solution, there are several options available in the market, but to pick the one which is most suitable is a difficult task.
      One such solution is ‘Callidus CPQ application’ that caters to such needs in a distinctive manner. Have a look at the features mentioned below:

      • Builds professional looking proposals & quotes on the fly
      • Enable users to quickly configure, price, quote, propose, and sell
      • Easy to integrate with Salesforce
      • Minimum implementation time
      • This application is browser- based like, and no extra software support is required
      • Configuration of products in step by step approach
      Configuration basics

      From implementation perspective, Callidus CPQ offers several exciting features, highlighted below:

      • A tag based language is used to define rules that prevent even the most novice user from making product selection or pricing mistakes
      • Depending on the quote status one can define a complex workflow in just by doing some configuration
      • Quote generation is real-time and prices for different markets can be configured using market tables and price books
      Standard Cart page

      Want to try this out, here is the link for 30 day free trial.
      Below are the steps for subscription:

      • Fill out your CPQ Profile Information
      • Activate your profile from confirmation email
      • Finalize your company profile, Logo/branding, products, users, etc
      • Start using CPQ

      This application is a paid one; the pricing details can be accessed here:

      Also it’s a Salesforce AppExchange certified, you can find details here:

      Do leave your valuable comments/Questions, and we would get back to you.

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