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      Checklist for Lightning Communities

      Dec 23, 2016

      2 minute read

      According to Salesforce, only 27% of companies are qualified as “good” out of that 86% seeking to excel at customer experience. Also, out of 9000 communities built in Salesforce, nearly half are Lightning based which has made the customer experience a crucial brand differentiator.

      This has led many companies to provide an exceptional user-experience with Lightning communities that can be customized, branded and deployed in less time. Keeping that in mind, companies are looking for ways to migrate their existing Visualforce communities to Lightning for enhancing their customer experience and making it more personalized.

      If you’re also planning to migrate to Lightning Communities, here are 5 things that you must keep in mind:Lightning communities checklist

      Your existing community objects are supported by Lightning architecture

      You must check if all standard Salesforce objects like accounts and knowledge base in your existing VF communities are supported in Lightning as well. Since Lightning is not supporting all objects for now, so you must keep an eye over all of your existing community objects prior to migration.

      Your JavaScript library works on Lightning communities

      After LockerService update, which helps to keep a check on third party JavaScript libraries, you need to make sure that all client-side JavaScript libraries are supported in Lightning framework also.

      Your current community apps are Lightning ready

      Make sure whatever applications you have installed from Salesforce AppExchange, they are Lightning ready as well. If you go to AppExchange nowadays, you will find a Lightning ready logo in front of every application. So, you need to ensure that every 3rd party application in your existing community works on Lightning too.

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      Your existing community members are migrated to the Lightning community

      While you move from Visualforce communities to Lightning communities, you will have to probably move your community members as well. So, you can make a list of all community members which you think should be a part of the new Lightning community. This will further help in sending fresh set of emails such as registration emails.

      Your existing community URLs, bookmarks are redirected to the Lightning Community

      You need to make sure that all of your existing community URLs and bookmarks are redirected to your new Lightning community. Moreover, you can run a parallel Visualforce page in a Lightning based community too. For example, if you feel that some parts of your existing community cannot work in the Lightning architecture or does not support Lightning components, you can simultaneously run other Visualforce pages along with your Lightning community.

      Need help with migrating to Lightning?

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have provided award-winning, customized solutions for Service Cloud, Online Communities, Sales Cloud, and other Salesforce implementations for companies like Marketo, Ping Identity, Alteryx, MobileIron, and many more. If you need any help in upgrading your community to the Lightning platform, drop us a line at [email protected].

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