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      CMX Summit 2017: A Must-Visit Event for Community Professionals

      Sep 14, 2017

      2 minute read

      CMX Summit 2017The much-awaited CMX Summit is back! It will be held on September 19-20 in Los Angeles and we are excited to be a part of it! This event is a must-attend for all online community professionals to know where the industry is heading, and what exceptional opportunities it holds for them.

      Industry experts – including TEDx speakers and leaders from NASA, Apple, and Airbnb – will be some of the key speakers at the event. These experts will introduce the professionals to pragmatic approaches to online community that ensure business success. Hundreds of professionals will learn about leveraging the power of crowdsourcing for delivering superior business results for customer success and engagement, knowledge sharing, revenue generation and continuous growth.

      Grazitti Interactive is a well-known name among many online community experts attending this event. Owing to our ability to deliver feature-rich, responsive, and engaging online communities, we have earned a wide customer base ranging across the globe and industries. The team at Grazitti in many cases has been able to revolutionize how businesses are leveraging the power of their digital community.

      Why you must meet Grazitti Online Community Experts at the CMX event?

      1. Meet Varun Luthra (Lithium All Star) and Atul Sharma, leading online community experts, to know how we can help set up a successful community in record time.
      2. Discover how you can use an online community as a platform that contributes to the revenue growth of your organization.
      3. Discuss the best practices aimed at improving community performance and engagement.
      4. Share your community strategy and get it validated by our community experts.
      5. Get your queries related to integrations answered and scale the power of your community using automation.
      6. Discover the best practices and process to follow when selecting the right community platform.
      7. Consult to implement an AI-driven unified search solution that helps you understand what your community users are searching for. Thus, empower yourself to always provide them with the right information.

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      Schedule a meeting today with Grazitti Interactive on your preferred date at the Reef. We look forward to joining hands with you and understanding your business requirements to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.
      You can also shoot us an email at [email protected] or visit for more details.

      About our Community Experts

      About Atul Sharma: Atul is highly passionate for Salesforce technology, and has been influential in delivering pioneering community solutions to businesses across various industries. Apart from, he has a solid grasp of Dataloader, Webservice integrations (SOAP and REST), Dot Net (C#,,, Oracle, and SQL Server.

      About Varun Luthra: Varun is a Lithium All Star who oversees various processes and functions critical to customer success. Associated with Grazitti for past two years, his expertise in Lithium Platform and experience with different web technologies have driven remarkable, measurable business outcomes for our customers.

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