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      Community Design

      Community Designer Vs QuickStart Communities

      Oct 06, 2014

      6 minute read

      Why you need to make the move?

      “Based on the success we have seen with customers, tremendous market opportunity and support from our ecosystem, is doubling down on communities with our new Community Cloud”
      Nasi Jazayeri, Executive VP of Salesforce1 Community Cloud

      The new Community Cloud, built on the Salesforce1 Platform, is directly linked to Salesforce CRM and is customized to every member’s unique requisites. In fact, companies can now create branding specific communities much faster, using a community template on Salesforce Community Designer. With rich profiling, it has become easier:

      • for resellers to update leads
      • for employees to create and track service cases, and
      • for customers to inquire, rate, and review products from within a community

      What’s more with Communities?

      Vanessa Thompson of IDC said, “Any company can benefit from creating an engaged community.”

      Customer engagement through Communities has shifted to altogether a new phase with more diversifications and added ease-of-use features. With Community Designer (currently in Beta) as the latest addition in the Salesforce Community Cloud, you get 4 templates:

      • Kokua: For Knowledge articles and case submissions
      • Koa: For text-based and categorised, optimized for mobile devices
      • Napili: For support communities and posting questions
      • Aloha: For App Launcher access using single sign-on authentication

      Community Design Templates

      These templates are certainly proven engagement frameworks with aesthetic design work; however there are several limitations associated (discussed in my blog-“ What is Community Designer ?)”

      You need to ask yourself:

      • Does your current community include these objects: Ideas, Cases, Knowledgebase and Answers?
      • Is your community responsive and needs to be accessed outside salesforce1?
      • Does your community need features like gamification, custom objects, full text search, etc.?
      • Is your community search engine optimized and easily found on web?

      If any of the answers is a “YES” then you can get an award winning design up and running using QuickStart Communities. QuickStart Communities come with all of the above features, with a quick deployment cycle, and extensive customization capabilities to match your brand identity without limitations.

      While Community Designer may be a good choice to get started – as salesforce mentions itself – if you want more – then you need to consider templating. QuickStart Communities are built on and come ready to deploy in beautiful 1, 2, and 3 column formats that are responsive, feature rich and customizable to meet the needs of Employees, Customers, and Partners.

      Comparison of QuickStart Communities and Community Designer:

      Contents Community Designer QuickStart Communities
      Salesforce Objects
      Answers Qs Cross TickIcon
      Ideas Qs Cross TickIcon
      Knowledgebase TickIcon TickIcon
      Case TickIcon TickIcon
      Leads Qs Cross TickIcon
      Opportunities Qs Cross TickIcon
      More Custom Objects Qs Cross TickIcon
      Responsive Design template TickIcon TickIcon
      Custom CSS Qs Cross TickIcon
      Fonts TickIcon TickIcon
      Embedded Fonts Qs Cross TickIcon
      Unlimited Pick and Choose Template Library Qs Cross TickIcon
      Gamification Qs Cross TickIcon
      SOLR Full Text Search Qs Cross TickIcon
      Rich User Profiles TickIcon TickIcon
      Chatter* Qs Cross TickIcon
      Google Events Qs Cross TickIcon
      SEO Possibilities
      Tags Qs Cross TickIcon
      Keywords Qs Cross TickIcon
      Search Engine friendly URLs Qs Cross TickIcon
      Bookmarking on Page Subsets Qs Cross TickIcon
      Fast Deployment TickIcon TickIcon
      Migration Qs Cross TickIcon
      Reports on activities TickIcon TickIcon
      Dashboard on Activities TickIcon TickIcon
      Support on Management Qs Cross TickIcon

      *Yet to be confirmed

      Seamless and robust, QuickStart Communities are just right for any tailor-made community which is responsive, engaging, and brand cognizant. This is what the QuickStart Communities Patrons have to say:

      David Skyberg

      David Skyberg, Product Manager

      Ping Identity

      Right from start, the QuickStart Community Providers gave us the confidence that we do not need to have a plan B. Once things started rolling, they were able to accommodate a number of requirements that were made by the operating teams, within the timeframe.

      About Grazitti’s Community Services

      At Grazitti, we have expertise in community planning, building, executing and managing to set up beautiful and engaging communities. We have built QuickStart Communities for Marketo, Ping Identity, Alteryx, and more. To know more about building your QuickStart Community, Contact Us Now!

      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Communities, Community Designer,,, are all trademarks of Inc.

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