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      Custom Solutions to Maximize Your Salesforce ROI

      Nov 06, 2023

      4 minute read

      Effective management of customer relationships is the cornerstone of successful businesses.

      And Salesforce, “the” leading CRM platform, enables you to connect with prospects and customers, and manage interactions.

      Additionally, you get a bunch of products to integrate customer support, sales, and marketing, under one platform.

      In order to maximize ROI from Salesforce, you can leverage custom solutions. Let’s dig deeper to see how they help you make the most of your investment.

      Understanding Custom Solutions & What They Offer

      Custom solutions are built to assist you in achieving unique business requirements, unlike mainstream products that are designed to cater to a wide range of needs.

      Here are some of their key benefits:

      • Competitive-Edge: Custom solutions are tailored according to unique workflows and give you a competitive advantage. You can innovate faster and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.
      • Improved Customer Experience: Custom solutions enable you to understand customers and improve overall customer experience.
      • Enhanced Efficiency: Teams spend less time navigating through irrelevant data and more time focusing on tasks that drive results. You are also able to automate repetitive tasks and create personalized dashboards that present the data you need, on your fingertips.
      • Cost-Effectiveness: Although they may seem expensive upfront, custom solutions are a better return on investment in the longer run. You can free yourself from the cost of features you don’t need. The boost in overall efficiency also reduces costs.
      • Flexibility and Scalability: As your business grows, your needs evolve. Custom solutions enable you to add or remove features according to requirements.
      • Integration Capabilities: Custom solutions are easily integrated with existing software and systems. They enable you to overcome data silos and ensure that tools work.
      • Exclusive Ownership: With custom-built software, you have the freedom to customize as per needs. Canned solutions, on the other hand, are off-the-shelf products. This means they may not be able to meet specific needs, and you may be limited by how you can use them.

      The Impact of Custom Solutions on the Business Landscape

      The custom solutions market will grow at a CAGR of 22.4% up to 2030.[1] This is testament to their increasing impact on the business landscape.

      They help businesses improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage.

      According to research, the value of personalized experience is multiplying. To deliver personalized CX, leveraging custom solutions is key.

      Salesforce Custom Solutions for Improved ROI (Use-Cases)

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      Custom solutions resolve a range of issues. They are used to address concerns that cater to your business niche. Let’s take a look:

      • Integrating Existing Platforms With Salesforce

      Integrating platforms minimizes the time required to solve customer issues and build a personalized approach to support.

      For example, if you use Salesforce for customer support and Jira for project management, a custom solution such as Sinergify will enable you to integrate them so that you can build collaboration across teams and drive workplace efficiency.

      • Enhancing Standard Salesforce Functionality

      Email-to-Case: Standard Email-to-Case functionality in Salesforce enables you to organize customer interactions and save time by auto-converting customer email into cases.

      However, there is scope for improvement when it comes to staying on top of evolving requirements, such as improving support efficiency, responding to comments, and sharing attachments.

      A custom solution such as Email-to-Case Advance empowers support agents with enhanced Email-to-Case capabilities, as well as new and advanced features.

      Field Service Lightning: Field Service Lightning works with Service Cloud, adding functionalities for dispatching, monitoring, and reporting the activities of field service representatives.

      It also helps in assigning the right technician to the right location at the right time. In a nutshell, it optimizes and automates core field service processes.

      A custom solution such as Field Service Booster enhances the capabilities of Salesforce FSL. It is helpful for field service implementation and optimizing the work of field service agents.

      • Data Synchronization

      If you use both Zendesk and Salesforce, manual data sync is a complex and time-consuming process. With third-party integration, your data is insecure.

      This is where a custom solution such as the Zendesk-Salesforce Connector enables you to synchronize Zendesk data with Salesforce.

      • Salesforce Gamification

      Salesforce enables you to build online communities in Experience Cloud to connect with employees, customers, and partners.

      It also offers gamification tools such as recognition badges and reputation overviews.

      However, the standard gamification experience often doesn’t induce meaningful actions out of the community.

      To enrich Salesforce community gamification, adopting an advanced custom solution is key.

      ScoreNotch, a Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready solution embeds game elements and mechanics within Salesforce to recognize user achievements on the basis of pre-defined criteria.

      This results in improved performance and engagement.

      • Idea Management

      Salesforce provides organizations with the tools they need to cultivate creativity, streamline communication, and drive innovation to new heights.

      Within Salesforce Experience Cloud, the Ideas feature empowers both employees and customers of an organization to contribute their ideas freely.

      A custom solution such as IdeasPro enhances the standard capabilities of the Ideas component in Salesforce. It allows secure access to both Salesforce Lightning and Classic.

      Wrapping Up

      Maximizing your Salesforce ROI requires a strategic approach. You must focus on user adoption, data quality, customization and integration, and align your CRM goals with overall business objectives.

      As discussed in this blog post, custom solutions are a powerful way to maximize your Salesforce ROI.

      By tailoring Salesforce to your specific needs and requirements, you can improve customer experience, boost efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

      There are many different custom solutions available, so it’s important to select those that are right for your business.

      Power Business Success With Custom Solutions for Salesforce. Talk To Us.

      Should you want to know more, please write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What are the best platforms to integrate with Salesforce?
      One of the best platforms to integrate with Salesforce is Jira. By doing so, you can establish cross-team collaboration across customer support and project management teams.

      2. How can I increase support productivity in Salesforce?
      By implementing custom solutions such as Email-to-Case Advance, you can streamline standard case management in Salesforce and enable agents to quickly resolve customer issues.

      3. How do I increase ROI in Salesforce?
      Custom solutions for integration, case management, idea management, and gamification enable you to increase ROI in Salesforce.

      4. How do I simplify training and user onboarding in Salesforce?
      A custom Salesforce solution such as GuideIn enables you to simplify user onboarding in Salesforce-powered communities with guided user walkthroughs.

      5. What are the best practices to optimize my Salesforce ROI?
      By leveraging the expertise of a Salesforce partner, you can ensure that you are getting the best deal.


      [1] Grand View Research

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