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      Dreamforce 2023: 10 Biggest Announcements Paving the Way to an AI-Driven Arena


      Sep 28, 2023

      7 minute read

      Dreamforce 2023, the biggest event on every Trailblazer’s calendar, has drawn to a close, but the excitement still lingers in the air! This year, Dreamforce was all about AI and innovation. We loved every minute of learning, inspiring, and connecting with peers who share our passion for innovation.

      Upholding its legacy of providing intelligent and industry-driven solutions to keep its users at the forefront, Salesforce unveiled a slew of cutting-edge features during this tech extravaganza. If you missed out on the exhilarating details, fret not!

      This blog post serves as your fresh and invigorating source for all things Salesforce announced during the conference. Prepare yourself for a voyage into the realms of innovation and empowerment!

      Top 10 Announcements From Dreamforce 2023

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      1. Einstein 1 Platform

      Salesforce’s foundational metadata framework plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to efficiently organize and comprehend data within their Salesforce applications. Think of it as establishing a shared language that allows diverse applications built on the same core platform to seamlessly exchange information.

      With the Einstein 1 platform, this framework has evolved to provide a cohesive, enterprise-wide perspective of data, regardless of its original structure in various systems, achieved through intelligent mapping to the Salesforce metadata framework.

      Einstein 1 empowers each customer to harness thousands of metadata-enabled objects, with the potential to accommodate trillions of rows within each object. Customers enjoy the flexibility of seamlessly importing data from external systems, transforming it into actionable Salesforce objects.

      Furthermore, users can initiate Flows at scale, responding to any change on any object, be it triggered by an event from an IoT device, a computed insight, or an AI prediction.

      Remarkably, the platform boasts the capability to manage up to 20,000 events per second while effortlessly interfacing with both legacy and contemporary systems.

      2. Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio

      Einstein Copilot has emerged as a cutting-edge generative AI-driven conversational assistant. It seamlessly integrates with all Salesforce applications to enhance productivity substantially.

      With Einstein Copilot Studio, organizations gain the ability to tailor their Einstein Copilot to suit specific business requirements, ensuring a personalized experience.

      Furthermore, both Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio incorporate the Einstein Trust Layer, offering robust data security measures while allowing companies to leverage their trusted data to enhance generative AI responses.

      3. New Net Zero Cloud Features

      Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is set to receive an exciting upgrade in spring 2024, with the introduction of new Einstein features aimed at enhancing corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. Additionally, in October, Salesforce plans to unveil a suite of new tools, including a report builder and materiality assessment features. These developments are in response to the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations, which will come into effect next year.

      Einstein for Net Zero Cloud will provide response suggestions aligned with specific reporting framework criteria, while the CSRD Report Builder will automate reporting tasks related to these requirements.

      Furthermore, the materiality assessment feature will aid ESG managers in identifying the most pertinent topics for their business by offering customizable surveys for stakeholder input, ranking topic importance, calculating scores, and visualizing results in a matrix format.

      4. Salesforce and Google Partnership

      Salesforce and Google have strengthened their partnership by deepening the integration of their respective product suites, as announced by Salesforce. Notably, Salesforce has become the inaugural partner to seamlessly integrate with the Google Workspace Duet AI extensions framework, while Google Workspace has emerged as the pioneering extensibility partner for Salesforce Einstein Copilot.

      This enhanced integration empowers users to harness context from both Salesforce and Google, including Calendar, Docs, Meet, Gmail, and various other productivity applications. Google Workspace users now possess the capability to generate content within their platform seamlessly update records and initiate workflows within Salesforce.

      Furthermore, joint users can leverage the potential of Google-hosted LLMs (Large Language Models), such as PaLM 2 from Vertex AI, within Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot Studio. This integration facilitates the creation of innovative GenAI products and services within the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem. Experience the synergies of this dynamic partnership as it ushers in a new era of productivity and collaboration across Salesforce and Google platforms.

      5. Salesforce and AWS Integrations

      Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are set to launch a range of integrations in the coming year that will facilitate the sharing of data lakes and large language models (LLMs) between the two companies.

      Customers utilizing Amazon Redshift, EMR, Athena, Bedrock, and SageMaker will be able to access foundational models within Salesforce securely, without any need for extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes, eliminating the need to copy and relocate data.

      In addition, an existing integration between Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect enables users to seamlessly initiate contact center services using Salesforce’s agent desktop, coupled with Amazon Comprehend, Transcribe, and other services to enhance agent efficiency.

      With AWS boasting approximately 100,000 channel partners globally, as reported by CRN’s 2023 Channel Chiefs, this partnership holds significant potential.

      6. Salesforce and Databrick Partnership

      Salesforce and Databricks have further strengthened their collaboration, enabling the effortless integration of Salesforce Data Cloud with external data stored on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

      This solid partnership is aimed at streamlining the process of data movement and replication while upholding stringent standards for security, governance, and trust, as emphasized by Salesforce. The two companies are committed to achieving zero ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for applicable data.

      Users now have the capability to seamlessly access Databricks data within the Data Cloud and vice versa. This seamless integration allows for the utilization of data in various ways, including AI model training and immediate access to a consolidated dataset of customer information, as outlined by Salesforce. Additionally, Databricks Machine Learning can be leveraged to construct and train models, which can then be seamlessly integrated into the Data Cloud environment.

      7. Salesforce Collaboration With One of the Big Fours

      One of the big fours has unveiled a suite of fresh collaborations with Salesforce, including the integration of Einstein AI into its DigitalMIX platform and the introduction of novel services tailored for the biopharmaceutical (BioPharma) sector.

      Within the scope of this partnership, DigitalMIX has been enhanced with expanded capabilities spanning automation, personalization, and analytics across sales, service, marketing, and back-office functions, as indicated by this global systems integrator (GSI).

      End-users can now harness the power of predictive analytics, GenAI, and visualizations to drive productivity, foster revenue growth, and nurture customer relationships, as elucidated by Deloitte.

      DigitalMIX offers a range of scalable, pre-configured services for multi-cloud financial implementations. It is already seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and other related products.

      While specific details regarding the collaboration remain limited, a statement from the company assures that it will empower BioPharma firms to accelerate the delivery of innovative therapies to patients and foster the evolution of scientific and technological advancements within this sector.

      Furthermore, this collaboration pledges to introduce novel engagement models for healthcare professionals and patients across the entire value chain, spanning from clinical to commercial domains.

      8. Slack AI, Slack Lists, and New Automation Capabilities

      Salesforce has unveiled a range of innovative features for Slack, enhancing its intelligent productivity platform with cutting-edge AI, automation, and knowledge-sharing capabilities.

      Slack AI is seamlessly integrated into the platform, drawing upon a company’s collective knowledge within Slack and readily accessible in the daily workflow.

      Moreover, new automation functionalities offer the power of automation to all users, with an improved Workflow Builder simplifying the process of connecting various tools with just a few clicks.

      Additionally, developers can create and deploy custom apps directly within Slack, with the platform handling hosting and ensuring secure data storage.

      Lastly, the introduction of Slack Lists provides a novel way to track work, handle requests, and efficiently manage cross-functional projects, all within the context of ongoing communication.

      Here’s an overview:

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      9. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

      Salesforce has rolled out an enticing promotion, offering complimentary licenses of Data Cloud and Tableau to all customers utilizing Sales and Service Cloud with Enterprise or Unlimited licenses. This generous package includes two Tableau creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses, extending coverage to accommodate up to 10,000 profiles.

      Historically, Data Cloud may have remained somewhat enigmatic to many Salesforce professionals, unless they were directly involved in the implementation of Data Cloud or a comparable Customer Data Platform (CDP). However, this initiative dramatically reduces the barriers to entry for companies eager to delve into the vast capabilities of Data Cloud. Moreover, it presents a golden opportunity for Salesforce professionals to bolster their career prospects by gaining proficiency in this highly valuable skillset.

      There is no doubt that Data Cloud isn’t just the future; it’s the present. Whether you are an existing Salesforce customer or a seasoned Salesforce expert looking to broaden your expertise, ‘NOW’ is the ideal moment to immerse yourself in this realm of limitless possibilities.

      10. Einstein GPT for Developers

      Einstein for Developers represents a cutting-edge generative AI coding tool exclusively tailored for Salesforce-specific programming languages. Constructed using CodeGen, Salesforce’s open-source Large Language Model (LLM), it transforms plain English prompts into executable code.

      With this tool, you don’t need to manually write any code; instead, you simply articulate what the code should accomplish in natural language, and the machine generates it for you.

      What sets Einstein for Developers apart from other AI coding tools is its seamless integration with the Salesforce platform. This integration grants it access to your organization’s metadata, allowing it to offer tailored recommendations based on your existing code. This feature is especially beneficial if you follow specific coding practices for your classes and triggers.

      Moreover, it operates within the framework of the AI Trust Layer, ensuring the safety and security of your code throughout the development process.

      The Bottom Line

      Salesforce’s vision for an AI-driven marketplace is now a reality.

      From the introduction of Einstein Copilot to the partnership between Salesforce and major players in the industry, the announcements made at Dreamforce 2023 are set to reshape the landscape of technology and business.

      As Navigator sponsors of this transformative event, we had the privilege of being in the front seat, when these groundbreaking features were revealed. We exchanged ideas and immersed ourselves in thought-provoking discussions with industry peers about the potential of these features, how they are poised to revolutionize the Salesforce ecosystem, and how to infuse augmented intelligence with them.

      The future is here, and it’s intelligent, innovative, and promising.

      Dive into the Future of AI-Driven Landscape With Salesforce. Talk to Us!

      Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to discover how you can harness these latest Salesforce enhancements and establish your dominance in the marketplace.

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