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      Dreamforce ‘22 – A Powerhouse of Solutions for Salesforce Optimization

      Aug 26, 2022

      4 minute read

      When it comes to CRM platforms, Salesforce needs no introduction. It is a cloud-based software that allows you to deliver top-quality customer service.

      It provides a unified source of information to your sales, marketing, and customer support teams, improving collaboration and enhancing productivity.

      Salesforce Customer 360 offers you a range of products that help you provide your sales, service, marketing, and IT teams with a unified and shared view of your customers.

      Since inception, Salesforce has been at the forefront of innovation and enabling businesses to grow with its exceptional digital offerings.

      As one of the leading tech giants, Salesforce celebrates its success by organizing a mega event – Dreamforce, every year. This event brings its community members together to meet with peers, learn about innovations, and share newer insights on improving digital experiences.

      Regarded as one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, Dreamforce is the most awaited event for those associated with Salesforce as a customer, employee, or partner.

      In this blog post, we will discuss more about Dreamforce and the solutions that we are going to exhibit there. Learn how our custom solutions for Salesforce will help you optimize your Salesforce instance to deliver the best customer experiences.

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      About Dreamforce

      Dreamforce will take place on September 20-22, 2022 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

      Trailblazers from all around the world will be gathering to be a part of the most amazing conference from Salesforce.

      However, Dreamforce is more than just a conference. It is, in fact, an opportunity to discover new innovations, meet a network of partners, and take back actionable insights that would help you solve business challenges.

      And of course, when so many people come together at one place for one common interest, it becomes a whole lot of fun. You will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow trailblazers to share ideas and get to know about the most innovative ideas for business success.

      Grazitti Interactive at Dreamforce

      Grazitti Interactive is excited to be a part of this summit as Navigator Sponsors. Our Salesforce aces are all set to be at the event and connect with industry peers, thought leaders, and visionaries. These three days will be packed with learning, inspiration, and some signature Salesforce fun.

      Also, this would be a great time to showcase the solutions that we have built to extend the capabilities of Salesforce and meet unique business needs. Our solutions are an endeavor to help you make the most out of your Salesforce investment.

      Here’s a quick look at them.

      Sinergify for Integrating Salesforce and Jira

      Sinergify allows you to integrate all Standard and Custom objects in Salesforce with Jira to promote cross-functional collaboration between the customer-facing and backend teams.

      With Sinergify, you can:

      • Improve cross-functional collaboration
      • Boost productivity
      • Fast-track case resolution
      • Enhance customer experience

      ScoreNotch – For Dynamic Gamification on Salesforce Experience Cloud

      It is a Salesforce-native and dynamic gamification solution for Salesforce-powered communities to enhance user engagement.

      It enables you to:

      • Drive dynamic gamification
      • Expand community engagement
      • Boost ROI

      Email-to-Case Advance for Better Case Management in Salesforce Service Cloud

      It is a Lightning-ready extension of the standard Email to Case in Salesforce Service Cloud.

      Email-to-Case Advance allows you to streamline case management and workflows for your support agents.

      With Email-to-Case Advance, you can enable your support agents to stay on top of the ever-evolving customer expectations. It is the solution that you need to simplify case management.

      It helps you:

      • Boost agent productivity
      • Accelerate case resolution
      • Enhance customer experience

      IdeasPro for Effective Ideas Management in Salesforce Experience Cloud

      It is a Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready solution for idea management in Salesforce Experience Cloud.

      IdeasPro helps you to build personalized and scalable idea management in your Salesforce-powered community.

      With IdeasPro, you can:

      • Manage ideas effectively
      • Catergorize ideas
      • Foster innovation and ideation
      • Drive value for communities
      • Improve brand transparency

      Zendesk and Salesforce Connector for Seamless Data Sync from Zendesk to Salesforce

      The manual ETL process of synchronizing data from Zendesk to Salesforce takes a lot of time.

      Zendesk and Salesforce connector allows you to overcome this and enables seamless sync of data from Zendesk to Salesforce.

      It helps you to:

      • Map Zendesk Organization fields to Salesforce Account fields.
      • Sync Zendesk Organizations to Salesforce Accounts.
      • Map Zendesk Customer fields of end-users to Salesforce Contact fields.
      • Sync Zendesk Customers of end-users to Salesforce Contact.
      • Map Zendesk Ticket fields to Salesforce Case fields.
      • Sync Zendesk Tickets to Salesforce Case.
      • Map Zendesk Customer fields of roles other than end-users to Salesforce User fields.
      • Sync Zendesk Customers of roles other than end-users to Salesforce User.

      Dupe Manager for Data Deduplication in Salesforce

      Dupe manager is a Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready deduping solution for Salesforce.
      It helps you to cleanse the CRM of duplicate, inaccurate and ineffective data, and avoid the cost incurred due to it.

      With Dupe Manager, you can:

      • Effectively manage duplicates
      • Improve data management
      • Enhance customer experience

      GuideIn for Building Digital Walkthroughs on Salesforce-powered Communities

      It is a Salesforce-Native and Lightning-ready solution that enables you to provide guided walkthroughs to users on online communities and speed up digital adoption.

      GuideIn helps you to:

      • Onboard new users seamlessly on Salesforce communities
      • Train your employees effectively with personalized onboarding
      • Broadcast changes in your online community with guided tours

      Wrapping Up

      Dreamforce is all set to get off the ground, this fall.

      Trailblazers from all over the world will be gathering at this event to explore the latest Salesforce products, innovations, and learn upcoming trends that are always a great value addition for businesses.

      As Navigator Sponsors at the event, we can’t wait to be there and connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and trailblazers from across the globe.

      And while you’re there soaking in all the actionable insights from the conference, we’d love to meet you at Booth 1606, Moscone Center, San Francisco and talk about how our Salesforce solutions can empower you to enhance digital experiences.

      Be There When the Future Of Salesforce is Unveiled

      To know more about our customized solutions that are tailored to enable you make the most of your Salesforce investment, meet us at Dreamforce ‘22. For more questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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