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      Dreamforce to You 2020: Highlights and Key Takeaways

      Jan 12, 2021

      3 minute read

      Hailed as the biggest tech conference in the world, Dreamforce brings together admins, developers, consultants, project managers, business analysts, technical architects, customers, companies, app builders, visionaries, partners, and Salesforce MVPs under the umbrella of ideation, deliberation, and innovation.

      But this year, it was a whole lot different than all the previous Dreamforce events. No points for guessing, it went virtual and that too for the first time in 17 years. This one-of-a-kind virtual experience ensured that the entire Trailblazer community across the world could experience Dreamforce to You 2020 like never before.

      While Dreamforce to You 2020 was a magnum opus with a prime focus on ‘how to succeed in the all-digital, ‘work-from-anywhere world’, there were certain key highlights that you would want to take note of.

      1. Einstein Automate: Making Every Experience Intelligent

      Have you ever wondered about or wished for an end-to-end workflow automation solution that can create connected, intelligent experiences for your customers, employees, and communities? Well, this has been made true with the all-new Einstein Automate introduced by Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM, Platform, Trailhead & AppExchange, Salesforce at Dreamforce 2020.

      To help follow the flow of change, Einstein Automate enables anyone in an organization to automate tasks and create intelligent workflows through clicks instead of writing complex code. Packaged libraries also empower organizations to use solutions specific to their industry.

      2. Salesforce Hyperforce

      If you are associated with a B2B company with 10,000 customers or you’re a B2C customer with 100 million or more consumers, you can now use Salesforce as your ultimate destination of truth for all business data including leads and opportunities, interactions, transactions, etc. Wondering how? By using all Salesforce apps as well as customizations and integrations on Hyperforce – an even more powerful and streamlined platform that would support the success and growth of Salesforce’s global customer base.

      By offering a completely new architecture of Salesforce, Hyperforce has extended the Salesforce capabilities for higher performance and scalability and that is securely supported on major public clouds. To deal with the rapidly changing customer expectations, Bret Taylor (Salesforce President and COO, Salesforce) also announced a significant upgrade to the Customer 360 Platform that allows companies to connect and authenticate customer data across different departments like sales, service, marketing, commerce to create a single, universal Salesforce identity for each customer.

      Key Highlights of Dreamforce to You 2020

      3. Slack Acquisition by Salesforce

      What grabbed the spotlight was the announcement of combining Slack with Salesforce Customer 360. The newly-combined interface is expected to improve the way users collaborate and act upon the data from Salesforce, resulting in better customer experiences.

      After the transition, Slack will become an operating unit of Salesforce. Both together are expected to create the most extensive open ecosystem of apps and workflows for business. “According to me, growing in this new normal would be all about Slack plus the Customer 360.”, said Taylor.

      4. Salesforce Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

      To help manage dynamic workforce planning, especially when there is a huge surge in the volume of questions from customers across service channels like phone, chat, text, and social media, a new product named Service Cloud Workforce Engagement has been introduced.

      This will allow support agents to predict the demand for customer support cases across all channels based on AI-powered dynamic forecasting. They would also be able to optimize staffing needs and assign the right agents based on their skills and availability. Managers could also coach their agents in real-time or on-demand from anywhere in the world which will improve the quality of customer service.

      Well, this was just a sneak peek into the extravaganza that was Dreamforce to You 2020. And, it was surely the best place to learn, connect, ideate, and party.

      The attendees went back with an amazing virtual experience, information about the world of technology and innovation, and most importantly, with new virtual friends that they would look forward to meeting in person at Dreamforce 2021.

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