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      Elevate Your Business Performance With Salesforce Customization

      Feb 20, 2023

      4 minute read

      Salesforce is the most trusted CRM platform that has been serving over 150,000 companies.

      As an ever-evolving CRM platform, it comes with power-packed solutions that streamline the business process, generate higher revenue, brings customers on the same page, and many more.

      But how can you make it specific to suit your business needs? By adding the power of customization to your Salesforce ecosystem.

      This allows you to enhance the current functionality of CRM and access features that are not natively available in your Salesforce instance. With Salesforce customization, you can optimize the platforms’ usability, integrate it with third-party applications, boost analytics, and enhance automation to execute daily tasks, etc.

      However, Salesforce customization is complex. You need assistance from the right Salesforce partner to do it successfully. Not only do they provide you with end-to-end support but also help you overcome the customization challenges that are tough to decode by in-house teams.

      In this blog post, we will discuss more about Salesforce customization, its types, and why you need to choose the right consultation partner for Salesforce customization.

      Salesforce Customization: A Brief Insight

      In this hyper-competitive world, businesses want to provide personalized services to customers and empower their purchasing journey.

      In fact, 86% of customers[i] say that personalization plays a pivotal role in their purchasing decisions.

      This illustrates that customization is beneficial for businesses to deliver better solutions to customers.

      The added flexibility of customizing the Salesforce Org enables your business to meet individual needs, develop applications faster, add new features to the CRM, and more.

      There are various types of Salesforce customization that you should know to accomplish your business goals.

      Common Types of Salesforce Customization

      Common Types Of Salesforce Customization

      The need for the perfect customization depends on the business and its different goals. So, on that basis, Salesforce customization comes with three aspects.

      • Declarative: When it comes to platform advancement, this customization allows users to minimize the use of codes and rather make changes through the CRMs’ user interface. This lets users to adjust the Salesforces’ native functionality accurately and configures the back-end resources hassle-free.
      • Integration: Every organization uses multiple applications to manage various aspects of their business. If your Salesforce Org and those applications work in silos, your teams not only re-enter data across multiple applications but also face collaboration issues. That’s where integration comes in. Your Salesforce Org can be integrated with applications across business functions such as sales, customer service, marketing, finance, and more for improved productivity and efficiency.
      • Custom Code: This type of customization involves coding new modules within the Salesforce ecosystem. With APEX, the Salesforce coding language, you can create custom reports/dashboards within your Salesforce instance. This allows you to update fields automatically, create records, make business processes more transparent, etc.

      Why You Need the Right Salesforce Customization Service Provider?

      Customizing your Salesforce Org is important and critical to support various business functions. And for that, you need to choose the right Salesforce partner.

      The Salesforce professionals have sound consulting and development expertise that not only enables you to make the most of your Salesforce investment but also helps you overcome business challenges.

      Here are a few benefits of choosing the right partner for Salesforce customization:

      • Creates an entirely customizable Salesforce CRM interface according to your business requirements
      • Offers personalized and buildable solutions for enhancing the complex business tasks
      • Provides long-term assistance in case of any custom solution in CRM
      • Addresses unique challenges that businesses face while customizing the Salesforce Org
      • Assists businesses in running the CRM system smoothly

      How to Choose a Partner for Salesforce Customization?

      Characteristics of a Salesforce Customization Partner

      Choosing the right partner to customize your Salesforce Org is not an easy road. So, here are a few aspects that let you know how to choose the right professional from a myriad of service providers:


      Before choosing the Salesforce partner, you need to ensure that they have experience in delivering the ground breaking results. They should meet the following criteria:

      • Worked on Salesforce customization projects
      • Must have documented experience regarding the projects
      • Offer a demo of their expertise
      • Expertise in different verticals like sales, marketing, finance, etc.

      Technical Expertise

      It is important to ensure that your Salesforce partner has technical expertise. It’s important to evaluate relevant expertise rather than looking at it from a general standpoint. While looking for technical expertise, you can consider the following aspects:

      • Their Salesforce partner status
      • Knowledge in technical areas such as data migration
      • Their expertise in designing new applications

      And more!

      Salesforce Certification

      It will be an added benefit if your Salesforce partner have Salesforce certification. This demonstrates a state of approval and also indicates that the Salesforce expert has the capability to simplify complex business processes and they stay abreast of the latest Salesforce system updates. A Salesforce professional can be certified as a:

      • Salesforce Administrator
      • App Builder
      • Architect
      • Developer
      • CPQ Specialist
      • Implementation Expert or Consultant

      Understanding of Business

      The another approach to identify and lock in your Salesforce partner is ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of business and its customers. For this, you can also check their previous clientele and how well they have served them. This lets you know whether they are fit to fix your business needs.

      Final Thoughts

      Salesforce customization can help you advance your Salesforce Org. It helps you streamline your complex workflows and lets your organization achieve notable results in all verticals. To make customization simpler, we suggest you choose a trusted Salesforce partner. They make your customization journey smooth and provide you complete assistance throughout the process.

      Wish to Customize Your Salesforce Org? Talk to Us!

      In case you want to learn more about Salesforce and its products or services, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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