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      Elevate Your Community Experience With Salesforce Experience Cloud – An On-Demand Webinar, Chapter Rewind

      May 25, 2023

      3 minute read

      The main purpose for brands to create online communities is to keep customers at the heart. And with that, meeting their changing expectations has become essential. As a result, communities have become one of the most dynamic business solutions today, going under a massive shift.

      And, platforms like Salesforce Experience Cloud have become the most preferred choice for brands.

      Since a majority of brands are already leveraging Salesforce Experience Cloud, just building a community might not suffice.

      So what’s the catch? Customer Experience.

      Brands and community strategists are struggling to create communities that stay relevant and offer positive experiences. While they are the primary medium to connect with customers, keeping them hooked for unhindered engagement has become a challenge.

      We recently organized an on-demand webinar in association with NelsonHall on elevating CX with Salesforce Experience Cloud. Let’s get more insights about everything this immersive session covered.

      Our distinguished speakers were:

      Dominique Raviart – Practice Director, NelsonHall
      Cody Houzenga – Product Director, The Beyond Collection
      Atul Sharma – Director, Salesforce Practice, Grazitti Interactive

      Missed all the fun? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Get your recorded session, here.

      How Salesforce Experience Cloud Boosts Customer Experience


      Dominique started by explaining that with communities becoming customer-oriented, customer experience takes precedence. Many brands limit their communities to communicating with customers or offering support. However, communities are now integrated with numerous business use cases and have become an integral part of core business operations.

      To which Atul responded, the Experience Cloud was primarily seen as a self-service tool but eventually emerged as a community platform with a greater scope for customizations. While support is its primary use case, it boosts organizations’ marketing efforts and communication with customers. And, as communities are becoming customer-centric, the platforms are also introducing extensive features that make huge contributions to the changing dynamics.

      Adding to this, Cody explained that in the B2C space, customers now expect quick and relevant information. And, Salesforce has been quick to adapt to these expectations and expand its services. With cloud-enabled capabilities, they empowered their users with cloud experiences and empower their end users with solid self-service.

      Another major issue most brands face is the struggle to quantify the impact brought by the Experience Cloud. To which Cody responded, it is essential to set the goals and objectives first before brands start to dive into evaluating metrics. If brands are able to justify their progress, only then they will be able to assess the impact. Be it the number of logins, page views, engagement rates, or member activity, it is important to understand the behaviors of members to accurately evaluate the metrics that work for you.

      Optimizing Salesforce Experience Cloud for Maximum Output: A Success Story

      Cody explained that their organization had a Salesforce-powered community. But their community was outdated, and they wanted to revamp their existing community to spark engagement with their community members. After the initial interviews and kick-off meetings, they decided to partner with Grazitti. And after the successful revamping of the community, they now have a thriving community with over 6,500 active members. Cody further mentioned that they consistently strive to improve their community engagement by improving their community strategy,

      Concluding the session, Dominique mentioned we might witness more out-of-the-box components in the upcoming updates of Salesforce Experience Cloud. And, partners like Grazitti would keep helping organizations build efficient solutions all while cutting down the time and costs of the deployments.

      Wish to Explore More About Building Exceptional Community Experiences? Talk to Us!

      In case you missed Grazitti’s exclusive on-demand webinar, replay all the fun here. To know more about our online community services, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’d be more than happy to help.

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