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      Elevating Community Experience With Peer Match Integration

      Mar 16, 2023

      3 minute read

      Online communities are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today as a way to better serve their clients and customers. This is only possible when you have a stellar strategy in place to engage the community members with meaningful interactions. In turn, this will strengthen customer relationships, eventually earning their trust.

      This is because customers’ loyalty contributes to repeat sales, which are crucial to the growth of any business. A growing number of organizations are developing an online community engagement strategy to get their customers to learn, share, and collaborate. Moreover, this results in increased growth and relevance.

      In this blog post, we’ll dive into a similar story and how our community experts helped a leading multinational company drive success in their communities.

      Elevating Community Experience With Peer Match Integration

      How It Began

      The customer had their online community hosted on Khoros. They wanted to make their community more dynamic and interactive to improve the user experience. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that all of their new customers experience an easy and consistent onboarding process to increase the adoption rates of their peer-to-peer support hub.

      Apart from this, the customer also wanted the community to deliver a better search experience and wanted game-like elements to enhance the user experience.

      Thus, they wanted to partner with an organization with extensive experience in designing and managing online communities.

      What We Did

      We meticulously analyzed of the customer’s community and understood their requirements. Our community experts recommended the customer to incorporate design thinking in their engagement strategy to deliver a superior CX.

      Here’s a look into all the steps we followed to improve user engagement.

      1. After a thorough analysis of the customer’s community and requirements, we suggested redesigning their entire community to make it more engaging.
      2. As requested by the customer, we presented a design mock-up for a new ‘Get Started’ page.
      3. We enabled partner search for the community and even integrated SearchUnify, our cognitive search platform, that powers enterprise search for a better support experience.
      4. We designed the Peer Match Advisors search to find customers that have volunteered to share their knowledge with others to improve user engagement and experience.
      5. We added elements of gamification on their pages by adding ranks, roles, and badges to make them interactive and dynamic.
      6. We enabled translations for community pages in over 6 languages to ensure that their global database witnesses a better experience.
      7. We designed an Empowerment Center that enabled them to access knowledge resources, tools, and build relevant strategies all under one place.
      8. We added new public pages in their community and other important new pages like Admin Resource Calculator Page, Process Library Page, Events and Webinars Page, Customer Stories Page, HR Resources Page, and many more.
      9. We integrated a third-party tool, Evergage, within the community to ensure that the users can easily get an overview of how the community works.
      10. We integrated Ooyala scripts within the community so that videos can be played directly.

      As a result of integrated videos and an embedded Empowerment Center, the customer saw an increase in user engagement and a better onboarding experience for new customers. The successful integration of Peer Match into the customer’s community improved peer advisor search, enhancing the user experience.

      Wish to Build Robust Communities With High User Engagement? Let’s Talk!

      Team Grazitti has extensive experience in building multidimensional online communities that empower you to take your business to the next level. To know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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