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      Email to Case Advance

      Email to Case Advance: Your Doorway to More Productive Support and Delighted Customers

      Mar 30, 2020

      2 minute read

      In the age of customer service transformation, more companies are becoming aware of the role that support has to play in their success. But limited support functionality hurts your business in the form of dissatisfied customers and eventually with lost revenue.

      Let’s understand it from Tiara Jordan’s story

      Tiara Jordan is the customer support manager in a San Francisco-based MNC. Tiara and her team were facing the scrutiny of the company management after witnessing a 12% drop in their clientele. And one of the reasons that their customers stopped doing business with them was their experience with the support.

      Tiara, however, knew that her team has been doing everything possible to ensure the timely resolution of customer cases. But the problem lied in complex support processes and case management.

      Her team was using Salesforce Service Cloud to manage day-to-day support operations and were leveraging Salesforce’s ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality to auto-convert and log incoming support emails as cases in Service Cloud instance.

      That, however, was not enough as the support reps were facing the following issues:

      • Difficulty in finding relevant information in threaded email communications
      • Difficulty in managing duplicate cases
      • Difficulty in attaching multiple attachments in Salesforce Classic
      • Difficulty in managing emails from non-customers

      These were just a few of the challenges that Tiara’s team members were facing amongst others. And all these challenges were leading to ‘Click Fatigue’ and burnout amongst the support agents.

      Also, this was reflecting on their customers’ experience as well with delayed case resolution. So, the company management gave Tiara the responsibility to fix the issues within her team.

      Tiara knew that she needed something that could simplify the case management for her team. So, she began with her research for a solution that could offer:

      • Better accessibility to information
      • Quicker case resolutions
      • Improved team productivity, amongst others.

      Tiara came across Grazitti’s Email to Case (E2C) Advance.


      E2C Advance is a power-booster for support teams using Salesforce. It extends the capabilities of standard ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality. Visit here to know more.

      Did Tiara’s search for a robust support solution end with Email to Case Advance?

      Email to Case Advance is a product that comes packed with 10+ amazing use cases aimed at simplifying case management to an extent beyond one could imagine.

      E2C Advance offered much more than Tiara could have anticipated. Some of its salient use cases involve:

      1. Cleaning emails/case comments
      2. Managing cases from non-customers
      3. Handling duplicate cases
      4. Preventing email looping
      5. Notifying those in CC and BCC

      These are just five out of over 10 use cases that E2C Advance offers. How did these use cases help Tiara simplify case management and fast track case resolution?

      Well, we have compiled everything in a detailed manner in our eBook – Email to Case Advance: A Step Forward in Customer Service Transformation.

      The eBook is free of any cost. You can get your copy of the eBook to know how Email to Case Advance is a boon for support teams.

      Want to know more about Email to Case Advance?

      To watch Email to Case Advance in action, you can request for a demo session. Our product experts will be delighted to assist you further.

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