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      Employee Experience: Salesforce’s New Investment Hub for 2023

      Dec 20, 2022

      5 minute read

      “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

      Stephen R. Covey

      For over decades, customer experience has been the focal point for organizations. It is the most important vertical that requires constant nurturing, valuable decisions, and a whole lot of strategy.

      And for that, every business needs a powerful workforce. There’s nothing that works in business without the involvement of employees.

      Whether it is about instilling a great customer experience, revving up the sales outcome, enhancing customer relationships, or any other activity, employees are important.

      So, if you want to make your business grow, setting a strong base for employees, treating them right, and keeping them engaged is the need of the hour.

      What is Employee Experience?

      Employee experience or EX is more than just a buzzword. From pre-recruitment to post-exit, it includes the entire engagement or relationship an employee has with a company.

      Not just this, employee experience encapsulates the major accomplishments, cross-team collaboration, performance and development, and many other pivotal elements that create the real value between an employee and organization.

      According to a survey[i], in recent years, employee engagement in the U.S. saw its first annual decline in a decade – dropping from 36% engaged employees in 2020 to 34% in 2021. This pattern has continued into early 2022, as only 32% of full and part-time employees working for organizations feel engaged.

      Why Does Employee Experience Matter?

      Employee Experience

      In this hyper-competitive world, organizations want to double their efficiency that helps them stay ahead of their competitors. For this, they should focus on keeping their workforce happy, engaged, and productive. Employee experience is important because it facilitates:

      Improved Productivity

      An exceptional experience at the workplace makes employees work faster. If employers offer flexible and remote working opportunities to their employees, depending upon their preferences, tasks can be accomplished with more efficiency and the rate of productivity gets increased.

      Better Collaboration

      A positive work culture improves cross-team collaboration in an organization. Bringing people together changes everything. When different teams work together, they unlock their hidden potential. Unifying people enables organizations to achieve the highest of their goals, solve complex challenges, and get closer to success.

      Improved Brand Image

      When employees experience good things in an organization, they share it with other people present outside the organization. This improves an organization’s brand image.

      Employee Experience in the GenZ Era

      This is the era of GenZ folks. Their unique thought-process, capabilities, and zeal towards making businesses successful is commendable. They have a ‘go-getter’ approach and they believe in looking at things with a much clearer and a different perspective.

      In the modern work culture, GenZers are a force to reckon with. And since they are taking businesses to new heights, brands should focus on providing them with an impeccable employee experience.

      Here are a few steps to provide the GenZ folks with effective EX in the workplace:

      Rethink Employee Recognition

      GenZ expects more recognition for their work in the organization. This makes them feel motivated and their productivity also increases with time. So, businesses need to support their ideas and encourage their actions.

      Improve Employee Communication

      To build a better employee experience in the organization, it is essential to communicate well with the employees. With this, employees can get a clear understanding of their tasks, requirements, and other pivotal things that need to be done. So, by incorporating two-way communication on multiple channels, you can create a better working environment for your employees.

      Enabling Employee Wellbeing

      For GenZ, work-life balance is the most important thing. Also, they feel much more valuable when their company provides them with employee wellbeing facilities. So, companies need to provide their employees with health insurance, motivational sessions, curricular activities, exciting getaways to ensure they are safe and fit while working.

      Salesforce’s Game Plan for Creating Engaging Employee Experiences

      Salesforce's Game Plan for Creating Engaging Employee Experiences

      When it comes to creating exceptional employee experiences, Salesforce aims to treat their employees like businesses treat their customers. And for that matter, they have – an all-in-one platform that puts employees first by providing them tools to serve their needs. The platform boosts employee engagement and productivity, gives them intuitive self-support, and automates mundane manual tasks. Here’s a quick look at the EX tools that offers:

      Employee Workspace

      It helps keep employees engaged, efficient, and informed. It provides a centralized hub to help them collaborate and stay productive. Employee Workspace brings apps and content together in one single view and provides low-code tools to tailor the workspace according to a brand’s needs.

      Employee Concierge

      It provides your employees with an intelligent help desk that makes it easy for them to get answers by giving them intuitive self-service channels, streamline service requests across departments, and resolves requests faster by bringing in AI-powered recommendations.

      IT Service Center

      It provides employees with IT tools to keep everyone up and running. IT Service Center enables IT teams to get a 360-degree view of employee tech, resolves issues faster with real-time device data, and automate support workflows.

      HR Service Center

      It helps the HR department deliver a seamless HR experience that supports every employee. It helps employees get answers quickly and complete actions when they require it the most. HR Service Center automates workflows for HR, manages incoming requests on an HR console, and more.

      Employee Experience With Salesforce – The Present and Future

      Salesforce not only stands at the forefront of innovation to support customer experiences but also makes it easier for businesses to reimagine their employee experience. Here’s how it helps employees work better:

      Minimizes Workload for Developers

      Salesforce minimizes the work of developers by providing them ready-to-use applications and platforms such as:

      • It’s a platform that facilitates the development of cloud-based systems and applications.
      • Lightning App Builder: It is a special solution that simplifies page and component creation for applications. For instance, one-page apps and applications that help you manage and download your reporting dashboards.
      • Heroku: It is another cloud-based platform that simplifies app development.

      Helps Prioritize Requests for Better Employee Experience

      When an employee struggles to find the right solution to a problem on their own, Salesforce offers an Employee Help Desk. No matter what type of solution an employee needs, they can simply use their phone or laptop to access the help desk, which takes them to an intuitive self-service journey or log a ticket for more complex or technical issues.

      Upskills Employees

      If you want your employees to generate exceptional results, level up their knowledge. And for this, Salesforce provides a gamified learning solution – myTrailhead. This includes several modules that enhance their learning experience, and hence, they will feel valued to be in the organization.

      Helps Managing Employee Wellness and Safety

      Salesforce makes workplace safety a priority and it facilitates it through its Workplace Command Center. It’s a flexible solution to manage business operations and monitor employee safety by:

      • Making data-driven decisions from a single hub.
      • Managing employee wellness data, shift scheduling, and preparedness.
      • Surveying workforce and gaining insights into wellness data by geography, office location, and overall health status.

      Wrapping Up

      Employees are the lifeblood of organizations and the most important asset for long-term success. They expect friction-less, agile, and convenient experience just like a customer deserves. This needs reimagining, rebuilding, and redefining strategies that result in better employee experience. And in this journey, Salesforce can be your closest ally.

      Ready to Take Your Employee Experience Up a Notch? Talk to Us!

      If you want to accelerate your employee experience with Salesforce, our Salesforce wizards would be happy to pitch in. And for any other questions, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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