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      Enable Quicker and Smarter Customer Support With Salesforce’s Einstein Bot

      Mar 27, 2023

      7 minute read

      AI chatbots play an integral role in businesses to accelerate customer service operations.

      From increasing support speed to answering customer queries, chatbots offer powerful benefits to the customer service industry.

      In fact, according to a survey[i], 47% of Australian and 60% of New Zealand respondents say that they are happy to interact and seek assistance from a voice or chatbot for tasks that are simple or transactional in nature.

      And as the demand for chatbots surges, Salesforce, the CRM powerhouse, is leading the charge.

      The Einstein Bot in Salesforce Service Cloud is a conversational chatbot that engages with customers and helps them resolve their cases without the intervention of support agents.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about the Einstein bot, its working mechanism, its benefits, and more!

      Understanding the Einstein Bot

      The Einstein Bot, a built-in solution powered by Salesforce, is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) integrated chatbot that is developed with Salesforce Einstein AI technology to interact with customers quickly and interpret their queries smartly.

      It has the ability to augment human skills and is designed to fetch valuable customer insights, predict outcomes, actions, etc, that help you deliver better customer experiences.

      The Einstein Bot works as a powerful engine for your customer service operations, helping you to understand customers’ expectations more effectively. Also, the Einstein Bot is present across multiple channels, including – Whatsapp, Slack, Messenger, and Chat, and supports conversations in a multitude of languages.

      Why Do You Need Einstein Bot?

      In today’s fast-paced business environment, challenges like handling customer complaints, resolving queries, providing customer support 24*7, and processing orders/transactions are increasing at a higher rate.

      And that’s when you need to have a power-packed, AI-enabled chatbot – The Einstein Bot.

      The Einstein Bot runs on NLP, NLU, AI, and ML, which automate and ease your complex customer service tasks. It comes with a Bot Builder that lets you define important bot settings like channels, profiles, logging conversations, and basically, just customize the bot the way you want it.

      Benefits of the Einstein Bot

      Benefits of the Einstein Bot

      With the rising need for businesses to create customer-centric experiences, they prefer more speed, accuracy, and enhanced customer service like never before.

      Not only does the Einstein Bot speed up your daily customer service operations, it also resolves customer queries faster. Here are some of its other benefits:

      • Intelligent Responses

      The Einstein Bot is AI-enabled and is smart enough to give intelligent responses or answers to complex customer queries. It reduces a major chunk of the workload that support agents have on their plate and enables them to cater to some of the other tasks they may have lined-up.

      • Faster Case Resolution

      Customers often feel dissatisfied when agents take more time than expected to resolve their queries. But, the Einstein Bot uses Eintein AI in the backend that solves cases faster and interacts with customers, making them feel valued.

      • Redirection to Support Agents

      The Einstein Bot welcomes every customer like a professional support agent and answers their questions. But, if in case, a customer needs to connect with a support representative, the chatbot redirects them to the right agent.

      • Smart Customer Engagement

      The Einstein Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that gathers customer questions and trains chatbots to provide customers with smarter solutions. This increases customer engagement and thus, the conversation between a bot and the customer becomes smarter and more real.

      Licenses to Set Up the Einstein Bot

      To set up the Einstein Bot in your Salesforce Org, you need a few licenses:

      • A Digital Engagement license that provides 25 bot conversations
      • A Service Cloud license and a Chat or Messaging license
      • The Service Analytics App to make full use of the Einstein Bot Performance page

      Steps to Set Up the Einstein Bot

      Now that you know what licenses are required, let’s take a look at the steps to set up the Einstein Bot:

      To use your Einstein Bot with Live Chat, you must connect it to a Chat implementation that your agents can use to chat with customers. To set up Embedded Chat or Chat implementation, your Org must meet these prerequisites:

      • Lightning Experience must be enabled to set up Embedded Service
      • A Service Cloud License
      • A Chat License
      • Chat must be enabled in your Org
      • A Chat button and a Chat deployment must be set up and available in your Org
      • An Experience Builder site (preferable) or a Salesforce site must be set up on your Org and available for guest user access
      • Ensure that your browsers are supported for Embedded Chat

      Here are seven steps to successfully set up Einstein Bot in your Salesforce Org:

      – Create a Chat Implementation

      1. From Setup, enter Chat Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Chat Settings.
      2. Select Enable Chat.
      3. Click Save.

      – Create Chat Users

      1. All Chat users need the API-enabled administrative permission enabled on their associated profile before they can use Chat.
      2. From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.
      3. Click Edit next to a user’s name.
      4. Select Chat User. (If you don’t see this checkbox, verify that your support organization has purchased enough Chat feature licenses)
      5. Click Save.
      6. After creating users, make sure that you assign them a Chat configuration and associate them with the appropriate skills. Permission for Chat Support Agents.

      – Create a Chat Button

      1. Before creating the Chat button, create Skills. Each chat button is associated with a particular skill or set of skills. Chats that are initiated from the button are routed to agents with those skills.
      2. Enter Chat Buttons in the Quick Find box from Setup, then select Chat Buttons & Invitations.
      3. Click New.
      4. Fill in the required fields and click Save:

      Chat Buttons & Invitations

      – Create Chat Deployments or Embedded Service Deployments

      1. From Setup, enter Embedded Service in the Quick Find box, then select Embedded Service.
      2. In the Embedded Service configuration page, click New Deployment.
      3. Choose a conversation type for your deployment by selecting Embedded Chat and clicking Next.
      4. The API Name field is automatically populated.
      5. In the Site Endpoint menu, select an Experience Builder site or Salesforce site from the drop-down list. Note: If nothing appears in the menu, it’s because there aren’t any sites configured in your Org.
      6. Click Save.

      Embedded Service
      Embedded Service Deployment Settings

      7. Assign the permission set by clicking on the sfdc.chatbot.service.permset to the Chat User.

      – Einstein Bot Setup

      1. From Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Einstein Bots.
      2. Set the Einstein Bots to switch to On.

      Einstein Bot

      3. Click New.
      4. Two types of bots will be visible: Standard Bots and Enhanced Bots.
      5. Choose the option as per your use case.

      Select a type of bot

      6. Further two options will be visible: Start from Scratch and Intro Template.
      7. Again, choose the option as per your use case.
      8. Provide basic information about the bot, including a name, welcome message, and main menu options, click Next.

      Personalize your bot

      9. Link your bot to an existing Deployment, click Next and Proceed.
      10. When your new bot is ready, you will be taken to the Bot Builder Overview page.

      Bot Builder Overview

      – Add a Channel for Your Bot

      1. From the Overview page of the Bot Builder, in the Connections section, click Add.
      2. If you want to connect your bot to your chat implementation, select Web Chat for the channel.
      3. Select the Chat Deployment you created for your bot.

      Chat Deployment

      4. Add an Admin Chat User with all permissions created in previous steps to the Bot User under the Setting section.

      Bot User

      – Activate Your Bot

      1. To activate your bot, click Activate.
      2. To preview the bot from within the Bot Builder, the Einstein Bot uses an Embedded Chat component.
      3. If you created a chat deployment in the previous step, you can preview your bot by going to the Dialog page of Bot Builder and clicking Preview.

      Bot Builder

      And voila! Your Einstein Bot welcomes you with a greeting message and menu options. If you set up the bot using Embedded Chat, you may also see a pre-chat form before the bot sends its first message.


      Final Thoughts

      The Einstein Bot is the most reliable, resourceful, and valuable tool for all customer support agents to deliver a superior customer experience. It does not replace humans but minimizes their hefty workload by augmenting their skills via AI, ML, NLP, and NLU.

      P.S: If you want to carry out your business processes more efficiently with Salesforce Einstein, click here to know how our Salesforce mavens can help you with that.

      Want to Get Started With the Einstein Bot in Salesforce? Talk to Us!

      If you need professional assistance in setting up the Einstein Bot in your Salesforce Org, our Salesforce experts would be happy to assist you. Just write to us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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