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      Enhance Your Business Efficiency With Salesforce RPA

      Feb 16, 2023

      4 minute read

      One of the most important factors for your business to succeed is how efficiently and effectively you streamline your workflows.

      However, redundant and repetitive tasks make things difficult for your employees. They reduce their productivity and efficiency. That’s where RPA (Robotic Process Automation) steps in.

      It has the powerful capabilities of software robots and the flexibility to interact with any system, enabling organizations to automate manual, rule-based, and repetitive tasks.

      RPA accesses information via legacy systems and integrates accurately with other applications via front-end integration. It consists of components like a recorder, designer, orchestrator, and a robot that mimics screen-based human actions.

      With RPA by your side, you can automate high-volume, mundane tasks and enable your employees to focus on more complex tasks.

      In this blog post, we will take a look at the key aspects of RPA and how Salesforce RPA helps your business improve operational efficiency.

      Robotic Process Automation: Your Key to Automate Complex Tasks

      RPA automates business processes and helps your employees to be more efficient and productive. Let’s take a look at how and what RPA helps you with:

      • Data Validation

      It is challenging and time-consuming for businesses to run complex data validation processes and fetch valuable information from CRM systems. But RPA makes it easy as it uses bots and AI algorithms to check the accuracy and quality of source data before importing the data. With this, there will be no fear of losing data or its accuracy.

      • Quote-to-Cash

      Companies often face issues on the operations side of selling. Sometimes, they end up selling products or services at lower prices due to clerical errors. RPA uses bots to automate the quote-to-cash process and reduces errors while moving data across ERP applications or order management systems. This minimizes issues and helps service processes operate faster, keeping customers happy and satisfied.

      • Procure-to-Pay

      This process involves the extraction of invoices and payment data from various sources. For this, companies often indulge in human or manual labor to accomplish tasks that are time-consuming and involve a lot of errors. With RPA in your business system, this challenge can be resolved as it replaces manual data replication, resulting in time-saving and data accuracy.

      • Report Preparation

      Preparing pivot tables on Excel, updating business datasets, collecting business data, and sending work reports are sometimes challenging for employees. That’s when RPA comes into the picture. It uses bots to automate GUI-based tasks and analyze the parameters included in reports that help collect data from business resources, update data in CRMs, and much more.

      Automate Business Workflows with Salesforce RPA

      Salesforce is hands down the best cloud-based CRM platform for every business out there! It has top-notch and unique features that make complex business tasks much more organized.

      It has numerous predictable, rule-based, and repetitive tasks. However, the resources allocated to manage the CRM system can sometimes create bottlenecks and cause delays. And that’s when you need to combine the powers of RPA and Salesforce to easily streamline repetitive and rule-based tasks within the platform.

      The powers of RPA when combined with Salesforce make of use bots, AI, and ML algorithms that enable you to simplify operations like securely integrating, automating, and managing workflows across multiple systems.

      How Salesforce is Fortifying its RPA Process

      As more and more organizations are moving towards digital-first customer experience, they require automated workflows to handle time-consuming tasks. Considering the change in requirements to power organizational efficiency, Salesforce introduced RPA and AI capabilities to Einstein Automate.

      Einstein Automate makes it easy to click, create and ship workflow automation to manage and track manual tasks. It enables users to select pre-built industry-specific workflows or use low-code tools to build custom workflow automation in a few clicks.

      Also, MuleSoft RPA enables users to replace repetitive tasks with bots that can intelligently process documents, enter data, or take action on users’ behalf without using code. Mulesoft RPA makes these bots work on any system or application including PDF documents, spreadsheets, and even legacy systems.

      Benefits of RPA + Salesforce Integration

      Benefits of RPA + Salesforce Integration

      With the ever-evolving advances in artificial intelligence, RPA has become competent to handle more complex operations with ease. And that’s how it empowers Salesforce users to automate business processes without demanding any specialized coding skills.

      Here are a few benefits of integrating RPA with Salesforce:

      • Reduce Cycle Time

      Salesforce tasks such as lead nurturing and management, customer support, and routine sales activities require a series of manual tasks. Unfortunately, this can make your process time-consuming. Using RPA in place of these manual tasks, your completion time will be quicker and reduce the cycle time considerably.

      • Error Reduction

      Tasks like data entry in Salesforce are tedious and involve the workforce, which might lead to errors or inaccuracy in data entry. If RPA is integrated into Salesforce, the error rate in data entry tasks will become negligible and even faster than before as it uses software bots and AI.

      • Cost Reduction

      RPA technology automates a lot of routines and non-revenue generating manual tasks related to Salesforce CRM that help businesses save overall administrative costs. This will also make businesses realize that after RPA integration, the Salesforce CRM platform is much more efficient and flexible.

      • Improve Work Efficiency and Productivity

      RPA bots help you improve operational efficiency since multiple complex tasks can be taken care of in a single go. For instance, an RPA bot can perform sequential actions to automate the lead creation process in Salesforce instead of your team spending their time on it.

      Wrapping Up

      RPA in Salesforce has the ability to transform businesses by orchestrating complex multi-step, multi-system workflows. It not only automates various repetitive tasks but also helps streamline customer-facing tasks in the CRM. It replaces hours of manual labor with automation and brings in business efficiency like never before.

      Want to Know More About Salesforce RPA? Talk to Us!

      If you want any consultation regarding Salesforce RPA implementation, just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.

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