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      First impressions of Google+ with respect to Facebook

      Jul 25, 2011

      2 minute read

      Google has launched a new social networking site Google+.

      Google+ allows individuals to share photos, messages, videos and also allows them to integrate maps and images into the service. The service was launched on June 28, 2011 and after only two weeks of launch, Google+ had 18 million users.  It has set the record as the fastest growing social networking site.

      New Features

      Google+ provides many new features over Facebook. The best I liked was that there is no character limit of your post. I was also impressed with Google+ because of its new features:

      First impressions of Google+
      • Circles: It is  a new feature and also
        very well  implemented. It’s easier to create rather than the friend list in Facebook or Twitter list. Circle allows you to organize your connection according to your social connections like friends, family, work friends etc.
      • Sparks: With the help of this feature any individual can connect with the network of others with the common interest.
      • Hangouts: It is a key innovative feature of Google+. It is basically group video chat and 10 people can chat at the same time. We can also post YouTube videos on Google+ hangout. This may be the Facebook killer feature. There could also be a “business hangout” for meetings that allows companies to organize, archive text, image, videos conference.
      • Huddle: This is group instant messaging service.

      These are the new services of Google+, which I liked the most.

      My views about Google+

      When first I heard about Google launching Google+, I was totally shocked. Do we need another social networking site? But when I watched Google+ demo… I was totally impressed.

      I am also happier with the privacy aspect in Google+. Facebook appeared to be compromising my privacy on many accounts. Eg. Facebook’s chat application. Anyone can add me to their group, even every other day a stranger adds me to his group. It is very frustrating. But this is not so in Google+.

      What would you think about Google+?

      Do you think it will be better than Facebook ?

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