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      Five Useful WordPress Plugins for Your Site

      May 24, 2013

      4 minute read

      WordPress is a powerful Content Management System. It offers numerous plugins which help users to enhance the functionality of their websites.
      A solid plugin can really be a time saver & performance enhancer, so here is the list of plugins that can really take your site’s web presence to a new level –

      1) All-in-one SEO Pack

      In the world of SEO, All-in-one SEO plugin has been consistently enjoying top position, be it a ranking list or surveys or any other rating platform for plugins. This is a simple, powerful and most authentic plugin which can prove a pillar in your search engine optimization efforts. The highlighting feature of this plugin is it includes:

      • Automatic generation of Meta tags
      • Automatic optimization of titles for search engines
      • Restrains indexing duplicate content
      Wordpress Plugins

      This way the plugin will help you not only to increase your rankings but also increase presence on search engines.

      All-in-one-Seo pack

      In the All-in-one Seo pack users are given the leverage to customize post titles, descriptions, URL structures and tags for each post.

      2) Akismet

      Akismet is an automated spam killer and can prove a best guard against comment spam from bots to your site. It monitors user submissions and automatically tells whether the new comment or remark added on your site, is spam or not. As a result you do not need to waste time and energy sifting through and deleting spam content.

      WP Akismet

      Akismet Stats shows a graph of your comment status history such as:
      Spam Displays the number of Spam Comments
      Missed Spam Displays the number of comments that weren’t marked as spam but should’ve been.
      Real Comments Displays the number of comments posted by real bloggers/visitors
      False Positives Displays the number of comments that Akismet erroneously marked as spam (marks it as a false positive).

      3) Google XML Sitemaps

      This plugin generates a special XML Sitemap which helps search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo,, MSN to better index your site. Submitting a Sitemap ensures that Google knows all the pages on your site, including URL’s that may not be otherwise discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process.

      Google XML sitemap generator

      One striking feature of this plugin is, it notifies all search engines, whenever new content is added to your site and makes sure that your site content is exposed in a transparent and efficient way for search engines.

      4) Backup buddy

      Back up buddy plugin as the name suggests backs up your entire WordPress site right from the content, widgets, themes, plugins, files, SQL database. Most compelling feature of this plugin is, it gives you leverage to schedule backups and have them automatically saved to your FTP server or emailed to you.WP Backup buddy

      As per requirement one can have a daily database back up or a weekly back up of the whole site. The best part is you can even restore or move your whole WordPress site to another domain which none of the free plugins offer.

      5) WP Super Cache

      WP Super Cache is a top plugin and is perfect for speeding up your website. It generates html files that are served directly without processing heavy PHP scripts, thus, speeding up your page response time and reducing the server resources required for serving a web page.

      Super Cache

      After installing this plugin, visitors on your website can have access to information swiftly. More than that, now page loading is being considered as a ranking factor by Google, so this makes it a great choice from the SEO perspective as well.

      At Grazitti Interactive, we provide simple and affordable solutions for all your WordPress needs.We have expertise in WordPress and other leading CMS solutions like Joomla, DotNetNuke, Lucene,, Jive, and Nation builder among others. We provide in depth planning and execution and out of the box functionality to ensure that applications created by us serve our clients’ needs and provide maximum results.

      Photo credit: Peregrino Will Reign via photopin cc

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