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      Fraud Detection and Prevention in LiveAgent

      Jul 28, 2017

      2 minute read

      A LiveAgent module is an amazing tool that offers widespread benefits to businesses of all sizes. It allows customers and prospects to chat with a service rep and ask questions, get advice and easily find relevant answers to their queries. This also results in an improvement in the case deflection rates for businesses.LiveAgent Fraud detection and preventionDespite offering real-time convenience and being cost-efficient, this tool can easily become a victim to frauds and attacks. Here is a real-life example of LiveAgent fraud that one of our clients, a fitness product manufacturer, had faced and how we prevented the fraud:

      Use Case

      Challenge: The client’s LiveAgent module was getting hit by miscreants disguised as genuine prospects. These miscreants were engaging support reps in unproductive chat sessions. This led to a loss of productivity among the support reps and increased the overall support cost since most reps were being engaged by these miscreants.

      Solution: Our Salesforce developers deployed custom fraud detection and prevention solution in the client’s LiveAgent module.  We introduced a score-system with a threshold visit limit to track down the frequency of visits made by visitors. If the number of visits reached the threshold limit of LiveChat requests, a red flag would appear on the support rep’s system to alert him.

      Since miscreants could easily manipulate the details in pre-chat form by changing the name, company etc., we added preventive measures to track down I.P. addresses and email IDs to detect them.

      Result:  Service reps could easily recognize miscreants as they were marked with red flags and could then take necessary action. This improved case deflection, and saved the time of support reps by preventing them from getting involved in unproductive chat sessions.


      LiveAgent is an advanced feature that helps customers and prospects connect with a business in real-time. Frauds committed by miscreants cause serious productivity loss for businesses, and therefore, it is advisable to keep an eye on the volume of unproductive chat sessions initiated using LiveAgent to detect such frauds at early stage, and take preventive measures.

      Need Help with LiveAgent Fraud? Contact Us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, we have a team of expert and experienced Salesforce developers. We specialize in Live Agent integrations, fraud detection & prevention, other Salesforce services and products. Reach us out at [email protected] to get instant assistance.

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