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      Grazitti @Dreamforce 2019 – Connect With Your Customers In A Whole New Way

      Nov 13, 2019

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce is a platform where all the Trailblazers and industry experts gather and share their stories, success, and learnings from around the world. This year, the event is from November 19-22, in San Francisco, California. This annual four-day Salesforce event brings together the whole Salesforce community.

      Grazitti Interactive has been an active part of Dreamforce since 2014, and each time Grazitti has featured products and services which allow users to enhance and improve their Salesforce experience.

      Dreamforce is a celebration of Trailblazers around the globe and customer success. With 2,700+ breakout sessions planned, attendees can count on getting a whole range of opportunities to learn from experts.

      Grazitti Interactive @Dreamforce ’19

      Grazitti will be exhibiting its Salesforce prowess as a Navigator Sponsor at the event this year. With our in-depth expertise in Salesforce and our agile processes, we solve problems and enable you to maximize your investment in Salesforce.

      We offer end-to-end Salesforce services to draw maximum sales, improved customer journey, and higher revenue for your business which includes:

      1. Migration to Salesforce Lightning Experience
      2. Salesforce Testing & QA
      3. Salesforce CPQ
      4. Integration with Third-Party Tools
      5. Einstein Analytics


      To enable digital transformation in your Salesforce instances, we offer its Cloud Services as well:

      1. Sales Cloud
      2. Service Cloud
      3. Marketing Cloud
      4. Community Cloud

      Grazitti Interactive also offers customizations that not only cater to your current needs but are capable of helping you meet your future strategic and tactical goals.

      Our Salesforce experts have the experience to add new components and functionality to your Salesforce instance—while adhering to your brand guidelines.


      Being a leading solutions provider we offer a wide range of products that can elevate your platforms’ performance. Some of our premium products are mentioned below:

      1. Sinergify- A Salesforce-Jira Connector: Sinergify enables the integration of any Salesforce product [Service, Sales, Community Cloud (any standard and custom objects)] with all Jira products (Core, Ops, Service Desk, Software).

      2. Email to Case (E2C) Advance: E2C Advance is an enhanced version of Salesforce’s standard ‘Email-to-Case’ functionality that auto-converts customer emails into cases. E2C Advance is a feature-packed product that can convert your support team into a case resolution engine.

      3. SearchUnify- An AI-Driven Cognitive Search Solution: SearchUnify delivers relevant and personalized search results with cross-platform enterprise search, powered by AI algorithms derived from end-user behavior.

      4. Khoros and Salesforce Connectors: Khoros-Salesforce Case Connector enhances customer experience, maximizes support team’s productivity, enables transparency, and optimizes service cost in real-time.

      Salesforce Knowledge Khoros Connector syncs multiple article types between Salesforce Knowledge and Khoros community and delivers an excellent self-service experience to turn your users into brand advocates.

      5. ZakCalender Scheduler: A calendar app for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to effectively manage meetings and events. The app lets users schedule, follow-up, book meeting spaces, and do more for effective management of events and meetings.

      Connecting to your customers in a whole new way can eventually empower your customers with innovations that can help in making better decisions. According to Salesforce’s research, 84 percent of customers say it is imperative to be treated like a human and not a number, to win in the business.

      With the intent of helping you deliver a great customer experience, Dreamforce’19 is going to be a perfect blend of learning, networking, and having fun together. And above all, it will be a platform to connect with fellow trailblazers and witness innovative Salesforce solutions and products in action.

      Stop by booth 1639 at Dreamforce to meet our experts. Contact us for more information.

      Accelerate your business by leveraging the latest Salesforce enhancements. Catch us at the event, and witness Grazitti’s cross platform expertise, and in-depth understanding of cloud technologies. To know more, send us an email at [email protected].

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