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      How to Achieve Better SLA Compliance with Automated Reporting in Salesforce

      Dec 18, 2020

      3 minute read

      Every business, today, realizes that being SLA-compliant is the key to customer success. So, most businesses, if not all, have processes in place to ensure that they comply with the SLA availability guarantees.

      A unified data analytics provider based out of California puts SLA-compliance at the heart of its service strategy. So, they had a process in place to measure SLA compliance for their customers and sent a compliance report at regular intervals of time based on the plans that their customers had subscribed to.

      There were three metrics they were using to calculate the SLA-compliance:
      1. Compliance Percentage
      2. Resolution Time
      3. Resolution Time (Status) – Pass or Fail

      Now, how were they measuring that? They were using the following formulas:

      • Compliance Percentage (CP) = 100 – (Count of violated SLA Record)/(Total SLA records under Case – Count of violated SLA Record)) × 100
      • Resolution Time = Total spent time (Between start and completion date for each SLA)
      • Resolution Time (PASS/FAIL): If Total Spent Time < Resolution Hours given for a given Account, then PASS otherwise FAIL

      The challenge for them, however, was to create manual reports for a large set of customers, which required a great deal of effort and time. So, they wanted to automate the process.

      What They Wanted

      Since they were using Salesforce, they wanted a custom management interface to quickly configure, generate, and automate the sending of Account-level SLA/Resolution time metric reports to customers. They also wanted an automated reporting notification in the interface, which must contain a CSV file of closed cases of a defined time period.


      Here’s How We Delivered What They Wanted

      Based on the requirements, we developed a custom interface in Salesforce that includes:

      1. Management Interface for automation of the reporting. Users have to select:

      • What report to send like SLA or Resolution Time Report or both
      • Time interval of the data (last year, last quarter, last month, etc)
      • Email recurrence like on the 10th of every month, daily, etc, or a one-off report

      2. SLA Account Level Reporting for maintenance of SLA reporting. It shows:

      • An aggregated compliance percentage per case. The report will show a list of cases with how many total SLAs were met and violated for an account with a specified data window
      • An aggregated compliance percentage for all interactions during a given time frame

      3. Resolution Time Account Level Reporting for tracking hours for resolution from case creation to closure. This was done based on statuses where the SLA clock was running (new, open, escalated).

      Resolution time metrics have targets for each priority that was supposed to be met. The pass or fail status on each case is based on the targets.

      4. User Workflow for configuring canned reports for SLA and/or resolution time based on simple filter parameters like set schedule, input external account contact email addresses for delivery. The SLA targets need to be configurable at the account level, the same with the schedule interval (monthly/quarterly).

      For the canned reports, the managers were given the authority to configure an SLA or resolution time report per account through a simplified interface to schedule to the customer consistently on a recurring basis.

      How it Benefited Them

      • Automated reports took out a tremendous amount of all the manual effort and time involved in the process.
      • With automated reporting, their employees were able to focus more on solving customer issues and less on creating reports.

      Liked the solution? Contact us to learn more about our Salesforce success stories.

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted Salesforce consulting and services provider for various global companies including 100+ Silicon Valley brands. If you are facing any Salesforce-related challenges, drop us an email at [email protected].

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