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      How to Create Winning Marketing Campaigns in Eloqua

      Sep 19, 2022

      4 minute read

      Campaigns are the fundamental building blocks of a successful marketing strategy and a key growth accelerator for a business.

      They are designed to help marketers to put in their efforts at the right time, be intentional about their goals, and deliver results that align with the overall direction of the organization.

      And a powerful marketing automation platform plays a crucial role in planning, creating, and executing those marketing campaigns.

      It helps marketers to run efficient marketing campaigns, generate and nurture leads, manage a multitude of marketing initiatives, and deliver superior customer experiences.

      And if you are already using Eloqua as your marketing automation platform, you’re a step ahead in automating processes, delivering personalized content to your customers, and running successful marketing campaigns.

      Also, you’ll be able to eliminate a lot of effort and time spent on getting marketing campaigns right.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about campaign management in Eloqua, how Eloqua makes campaign management easy, and best practices while setting up a campaign in Eloqua to deliver results that align with your overall business goals.

      What is Campaign Management and Why is it Crucial?

      Marketing campaign management is a linked series of operations to promote a specific company goal, such as improving brand awareness, promoting a new product/service, driving website conversions, or capturing customer feedback.

      With campaign management, you can create, measure, track, and analyze the results of your marketing campaign across multiple media channels.


      Also, campaigns enable you to create dynamic, personalized, and unique journeys for your customers. Marketing campaign management is critical for:

      • Improving sales and profit
      • Introducing a new product or service
      • Increasing product awareness
      • Establishing a positive brand image
      • Attracting new customers
      • Improving campaign effectiveness
      • Personalizing customer experiences

      Campaign Management in Oracle Eloqua – What Does it Look Like?

      Marketing campaigns are a great way to communicate with your target audience and learn about their challenges. In Oracle Eloqua, you can create two types of campaigns.

      • Simple Email Campaigns

      This email campaign allows you to send a single email to a group of contacts in a few steps without having to touch the campaign canvas. You can choose your segment, email, and when to send the message.

      After you send an email, you can immediately start to see the email’s performance and metrics, such as email opens, click-throughs, and conversions. Also, a simple email campaign can be used to A/B test two emails.

      • Multi-Step Campaigns

      This campaign allows you to create highly customized marketing campaigns that adapt on its own based on a contact’s real-time activities. You can simply add the elements of your campaign to the campaign canvas and then connect them to create your campaign flow.

      Also, to monitor your campaign’s performance, you can easily access reports and performance metrics right from the campaign canvas in Oracle Eloqua.

      How to Set Up Winning Marketing Campaigns in Oracle Eloqua

      Oracle Eloqua is a powerful platform that allows you to leverage marketing data for advanced personalization and segmentation to drive results that align with your business goals.

      Let’s take a look at the steps that are essential to set up a winning marketing campaign within Oracle Eloqua.


      1. Define the Objective of Your Campaign

      Defining your campaign’s objectives and understanding the scope of your campaign will allow you to map your activities, strategies, budget, resources, and KPIs. Also, building a marketing plan keeps your teams accountable to ensure that each part of the campaign is executed well and delivered on time.

      In Oracle Eloqua, you can plan ahead by using Program Canvas and build programs that automate repetitive manual tasks related to various marketing functions like CRM integration, data cleansing, and security label management.

      2. Use Personalization to Engage Audience

      It’s no secret that personalization can enhance the effectiveness of any campaign and help foster meaningful relationships with your audience. To personalize your campaigns in Eloqua, you can:

      • Add field merges to add a contact’s name to an email or to customize email links and images.
      • Create dynamic and personalized subject lines using field merges and dynamic content.
      • Style your landing pages to create a responsive & unique look using Design Editor.
      • Customize the layout of your emails and landing pages.
      • Create targeted content for your audience according to your segmented list.

      3. Leverage Eloqua’s Reporting to Measure & Evaluate

      After you’ve launched your simple email campaign or multi-step campaign, you can use Eloqua Reporting to help you quickly evaluate your campaign’s success.

      In Oracle Eloqua, you can get a report on the last 3 months with Campaign Operational Report. And if you need to look back into a campaign’s history, you can use Insight Reports or Oracle Eloqua Dashboard.

      Also, you can improve your reporting efforts by using Eloqua Tags. Tags are a way to define your program and organize its metrics in reporting. They can be anything that you need to track like region, program owner, or product line.

      4. Measure Your Campaign Performance

      Measuring and analyzing your campaign performance can provide better insights into what your audience wants, identify gap areas, and help you understand how to run your next campaign. You can measure results by:

      • A/B testing
      • Multi-touch attribution model
      • Integrating other marketing tools like CRM, social media tools, and analytics & reporting tools to your Eloqua instance

      Best Practices to Follow While Setting Up a Campaign in Eloqua

      Now that we’ve established how to set up winning campaigns, let’s take a quick look at the best practices to follow while setting up campaigns in Eloqua.

      • Plan your campaign and create all campaign assets.
      • Segment your audience by creating triggers based on contact information.
      • Create emails to offer something valuable.
      • Create email automation using Eloqua’s Canvases.
      • Create attractive, engaging, and responsive email templates using Eloqua Design Editor.
      • Include A/B testing.

      The Bottom Line

      A successful marketing campaign is a multi-layered process that requires proper planning and research. And, with Oracle Eloqua, you have the power to create personalized, omnichannel campaigns that engage your prospects and deliver meaningful customer interactions for business growth.

      Ready to Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign Using Oracle Eloqua? Let’s Talk!

      Our experts will be happy to play a part in your Eloqua journey and help you stay ahead of the curve. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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