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      Oracle NetSuite

      How to Go About the NetSuite Implementation the Right Way?

      Sep 01, 2020

      3 minute read

      More than 75% of all ERP implementation projects fail to meet their objective, found a Gartner study.

      The primary reasons for the failure are lack of industry knowledge, functionality, clarity of cost, time-scale, training, and resource issues. Thus, it is reasonable to be apprehensive of whether your NetSuite implementation would generate the expected results or not.

      Let us dive deep into the challenges that hinder immaculate NetSuite implementation:

      1. Configuration and Data Migration

      The configuration stage of your project is critical to the ongoing success of your NetSuite implementation. When you’re changing ERP software, it’s important to track every change made during this stage carefully, to guarantee traceability and prevent data complications post-implementation which include:

      Data Cleaning

      Implementing NetSuite would entirely be a task with data abnormalities or repeat errors in bulk. It might be cumbersome but imperative to profile the data and evaluate its quality before migrating to the new platform.

      Data Mapping and Testing

      Matching the fields from your current ERP system to your new NetSuite ERP and testing them is easier said than done. Setting up a data migration timeline, streamlining every department, subgrouping the data are some of the significant hurdles in the data migration stage of the ERP implementation.

      2. Project Health Checks

      It is one of the significant risks in NetSuite implementation as pitfalls, if not timely checked, can wreak havoc. It is essential to conduct regular project health checks to know the ongoing status of the project and determine areas requiring improvement. Immediate plan to chalk out the issues must be in place all the time.

      3. Deployment & Training

      This is the most crucial stage of the implementation where your NetSuite consulting partner helps you organize a deployment roll-out plan and train your NetSuite admins. You would also need to collaborate to pull your resources together to ensure a pain-free launch and train the team to suit your business needs.

      4. Training & Customer Support

      Throughout the NetSuite implementation, a few of your employees would be excited and driven towards the new ERP system. To convert them into valuable assets, you must provide them technical guidance about system updates, customizations, use and scope of NetSuite.

      Post immaculate NetSuite implementation, some discrepancies may arise. Who will help you resolve them? You require adequate end support and timely redressal of your queries, which again confirms the need for a NetSuite consulting partner.

      In a nutshell, your NetSuite implementation journey would be a cakewalk if you have the right consulting partner to assist you through these challenges. It will easily walk you through the basics, use and scope of NetSuite, thus giving you the required technical expertise. But, who is the right one for you? Read on!

      NetSuite Implementation

      How to Choose the Right NetSuite Implementation Partner?

      Selecting the right NetSuite implementation partner is just as important as choosing the right software for your business. For midsize companies, ERP is one of the essential investments they make, so partners must implement the tools successfully. When you are looking for a NetSuite partner, evaluate them on the following basis:

      • Contains necessary resources to handle the implementation of your business size and workflows
      • Proficient in handling global ERP implementations
      • Relevant technical experience with NetSuite and other business systems you may want to integrate
      • Familiarity with your industry’s trends, scope, specific security, and compliance needs
      • Proven ability to implement and integrate projects meeting your exact needs
      • Efficient assistance throughout the entire process, including the post-implementation period when you need additional support

      If your NetSuite consulting partner meets all the points of this checklist, then they are the one for you.

      Need help with NetSuite implementation? Contact us!

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted NetSuite consulting partner for various global companies. If you are looking to foster your business by implementing NetSuite, drop us an email at [email protected].

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