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      How to win big with Engagement Marketing?

      Nov 20, 2014

      2 minute read

      As per Forbes Insights study, “97% of companies see the issue of engagement as very or somewhat important.”

      What is Engagement Marketing?

      Engagement Marketing is all about connecting with people. It’s a comprehensive, multi-touch and multi-channel approach that embraces meaningful interactions, to directly engage with potential customers and audience. Engagement marketing involves listening to customers’ voice, analysing their behaviour and understanding how they want to engage with us.

      What Engagement Marketing is not?

      • Engagement Marketing is not serving your buyers with a particular product/service
      • It’s not just about customer service
      • It’s not serving audience with any particular experience
      • It’s not about one-off campaigns

      Engagement Marketing

      How you can use Engagement Marketing to attract customers?

      49% of companies believe they have achieved higher return-on-investment by focusing on engagement rather than acquisition.

      Here are 4 easy steps on engagement marketing that can help you to increase your ROI-

      1. Engage with social networking – As per State of Social Customer Service Report, “71% of customers who receive a quick and effective brand response of social media, tend to recommend the same brand to others.” But how do you stay proactive with social networking? Social media pro Jay Baer says engaging with social networking includes solving problems, turning potential customers into advocates and most importantly listening.

      Marketing Objectives

      1. Conduct surveys and polls – According to StrongView’s survey, 40% businesses found accessing customer insights as one of the biggest marketing challenges and 36% businesses lacked the resources to collect the information. Customer surveys and polls can be effective ways to learn about your customers’ needs, opinions and preferences. They allow your marketing team to target the audience better, leading to an enhanced ROI.
      2. Engage audience with interactive blogs – A combination of interactive animations, videos and online discussions can hitch up your audience retention to 65%. Blogs are not just about publishing content, they are a two-way communication and have community building aspects behind it. Drive your listeners to interact with your blogs by encouraging them to contribute their comments and suggestions. You can also invite guest writers to broaden the point of view.
      3. Promote subscriptions – Make use of permission based techniques to embolden subscriptions with optimised RSS feeds, web forms, sharing via social networking and refer to a friend.

      Engagement Marketing is a continuous process. It means the initial purchase is just the beginning of your customers’ journey. According to Bain & Company, repeat customers spend as much as 67% more than new customers. So, once you have interested audience engaging with you, make sure you keep the communication alive!

      GrazittiTM Marketing Services

      GrazittiTM marketing certified professionals delivers dynamic and integrated marketing solutions that enable you to drive amazing marketing outcomes. Our expertise result in better customer engagement and high client satisfaction. Companies like Tidemark, Appcelerator, Cloudwords and many others trust us for their marketing needs.

      To know more about our customer engagement platform, just drop a line at [email protected]

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