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      Idea of having single community for partners and customers

      Sep 23, 2014

      3 minute read

      Dell Partner Direct

      “Central to those robust sales figure, is a partner community that has become the biggest growth engine for Dell in the commercial sector since the company went private. The channel is growing faster than the direct side of the Dell house”, said Michael Dell. “What I’m seeing is strong growth and adoption from channel partners; our channel business is growing at double-digit growth rates”, he added.
      With Salesforce Communities, organizations are able to connect their customers and partners with the right information at the same platform. This is one of the major reasons why Communities are chosen over Portals. The idea of a Community becomes all the more innovative and productive, having a single Community for Partners and Customers.

      Who uses your Community?

      Why you need to make the move?

      Customer-facing service solutions have enjoyed all the focus lately. However, services to partners are often overlooked, because partner management relies on traditional legacy platforms with limited functionality, and less ease of use. This is where Salesforce Partners’ Communities are changing the course. While Customer Communities give a way to build specialized online arena for customer interaction, Partner Communities connect the partners with company workforce as well as the customers directly. Being the essential drivers for business growth, your partners should be empowered with collaboration deals and productivity tools.

      With Salesforce Communities™ into action, companies can quickly launch integrated Partner-Customer Communities that are:

      • Functional and beautiful
      • Mobile friendly
      • Easy to use for end users
      • Scalable and cost-effective

      Examples of Effective Partner-Customer Communities

      1. Alteryx Inc. is the leader in data blending and advanced analytics software with more than 300 customers and 200,000+ users worldwide. Alteryx with its Customer-Partner Community, builds a network of expert and engaged partners, who are able to crack the regular challenges for customers providing instant solutions.
      2. Ping Identity is the largest independent provider of next generation identity security solutions, with more than 1,200 customers worldwide. PI has a successful running Customer-Partner Community providing them with benefits like multi-functionality, vast knowledge base and faster support solutions.

      Benefits of Combining Partner and Customer Communities

      Customers and Partners together in a Community bring a whole new level of collaboration to your organization.

      Customer Partner Community Platform

      Steps for integration of Partner-Customer Community in Salesforce

      • Check if your current Salesforce solution includes Communities, if not get it activated
      • Enable the Communities in your instance
      • Create the communities now
      • Add community members by assigning “Profiles and Permission Sets”
      • Customize and Brand your community
      • Create External Users that will have access and assign them to a profile
      • Customize Existing Members to add on Partners in the Customer Community
      • Publish your community now with both Partners and Customers having access

      Grazitti Salesforce Communities Services

      Success stories of Alteryx Inc. and Ping Identity Communities have been the outcome of the expertise that Grazitti delivers in Salesforce Communities Services. With proficiency in building Award Winning communities, Grazitti helped Alteryx achieve a rise in product enhancement ideas by 250%, a rise in no. of votes on existing ideas by 257% and an evident boost in social media and community activity.
      Grazitti offers turnkey services for online communities. With us, you get:

        • On-demand Custom Solutions
        • On-time Delivery

      <li “>Strategy

      • Design
      • Setup
      • Integrations
      • Deployment
      • Data Migration
      • Support
      Disclaimer: Salesforce, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Salesforce Communities are trademarks of Inc.

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