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      Improving Team Collaboration With Slack-Salesforce Integration for Stellar CX: A Success Story

      Nov 25, 2022

      3 minute read

      Communication is the key when it comes to collaborating and delivering efficient performance. And collaboration among teams is pivotal to deliver optimized experiences to end customers.

      However, it gets tricky when your teams are not on the same page. Not only does it hamper efficiency but can lead to conflicts.

      One of our customers was in a similar conundrum as they were managing communities hosted on two different platforms. To streamline communication and deliver a superlative customer experience, they wanted a centralized space to segregate all their data and discussions.

      How it Began

      The customer had communities hosted on Salesforce for their internal teams and Slack for their customers. They wanted to sync the data and queries from Slack to Salesforce to optimize support delivery.

      Since their audience was scattered, they wanted a solution that would streamline their communication on different platforms. And for that, they needed to notify the Slack users whenever a query was raised in the Salesforce community.

      Additionally, they wanted to impose some access limitations on data syncing for security reasons. To achieve that, we configured access-based data sharing and syncing between platforms. It ensured that data is accessible to relevant users only.

      Overall, they were looking for effective employee engagement and collaboration, all while reducing user license expenses.

      What We Did

      We started with a thorough analysis of the customer’s requirements and communities.

      We realized that integrating comments, posts, attachments, etc., from Salesforce to Slack is possible as various APIs were available. However, that wasn’t the case for integration from Slack to Salesforce. We came across the challenge of limitation on various elements that can be synced from Slack to Salesforce.

      • To resolve this, we made changes to Slack APIs and made it possible to reflect queries, posts, comments, attachments, etc., on Slack from Salesforce.

      The customer desired a collaborative and cost-efficient solution that would reduce the case resolution time.

      • To combat this, we eliminated the need for middleware like ‘Heroku’ which is paid after its 500 MB limit. Also, there is no limit on the number of users you can host on Slack, while Salesforce requires a paid user license to accommodate users. Thus, integration of these platforms eliminates the need for purchasing user licenses while catering to Slack users through existing Salesforce community members.

      Apart from data syncing, we incorporated the following customizations –

      Blog Image 1
      • To view a query in Slack whenever a question was raised in the community, we created a Bot app in Slack Workspace. It enabled the Slack channel with real-time updates for optimized communication.
      • The customer wanted role-based data accessibility on the Slack platform for security purposes. We successfully implemented access-based data sharing so the Slack users will only be able to access the data they’ve been provided access to. This way, the confidential data would stay with the internal teams.
      • To make it easier for the internal team to view all posts, open queries, closed queries, and comments, we introduced three operations on the Slack – Find records, search terms, and channel alerts.
      • Also, for a detailed view, the text message consisted of 10 parameters including Name, Email, Company, Title, Group Name, Subject, Description, Topic, Attachments, Files, and Post Link.

      As an outcome, the customer got a seamlessly integrated community with centralized communication. The integration successfully improved the collaboration between their teams and reduced the licensing costs, all while enabling Slack users with prompt communication.

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