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      Journey Mapping: Tips to Elevate the Digital Experience

      Aug 08, 2022

      5 minute read

      Businesses that are customer-centric are more profitable than those that aren’t.

      Customer-centricity, therefore, is critical, as it helps you build engaging relationships with customers.

      This enables you to increase sales and revenue, especially when customers have more choices than ever.

      So are you putting your customer at the heart of your initiatives and catering to their needs?

      In this blog post, we look at 11 tips to help you elevate your customers’ digital experiences. Let’s dive in!


      11 Tips for Delivering a Remarkable Customer Experience

      A business that lacks customer-centricity is likely to see a negative impact on its retention rate and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

      Make sure you stay on top of best practices and follow these tips to deliver dynamic digital marketing for your customers:

      1. Build a Customer-Centric Strategy

      The success of your marketing tactics depends on how well you establish long-term, highly profitable relationships with customers.

      Therefore, having a customer-centric strategy is essential. This means identifying their needs and wants.

      A buyer’s journey can help you achieve this. Another way to do this is to properly segment customers.

      All customer interactions, whether social, chat, or in-app, should be documented and analyzed.

      Although it is impossible to please everyone, strategies based on different groups of customers will ensure that most will have a delightful experience.

      For instance, Amazon uses personalization to make shopping convenient. As a result, new customers get attracted, while existing ones are retained.

      2. Provide Real-Time Assistance

      Did you know that live chat support increases the likelihood of customer retention by 51%?

      Being available to customers 24×7 is important to deliver real-time assistance.

      This ensures customer loyalty. What you need to do is empower agents to make decisions so that they can walk customers through solutions.

      Real-time assistance makes your customers feel valued, enables them to reach out to you, and see their feedback taken into consideration.

      However, when you don’t respond on time, you risk damaging the brand image with negative reviews and word-of-mouth.

      3. Use Suitable Tools to Improve Customer Experience

      Make use of the right customer experience tools to improve ROI. These tools enable you to increase customer engagement, which in turn boosts sales.

      With this, you can meet your business objectives and exceed customer expectations.

      But how exactly? By creating a highly-personalized experience for customers.

      A number of methods can be used by your digital marketing team, such as sending personalized messages or providing product recommendations based on user browsing history.

      As a result, your customers will enjoy an improved digital experience and feel connected to your brand.

      4. Create a Feedback Loop

      A feedback loop gives you insight into customer experiences and pain points.

      It provides a wealth of information that can be used to build new products, improve customer support, and drive business growth.

      Feedback loops are not as challenging as you may think. They simply require an organized approach to customer feedback and a bit of analytical thinking.

      5. Streamline Sales Processes

      Your business relies on sales. Without streamlining sales processes, you won’t be able to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team amidst technological change.

      In addition to this, having leads that are unlikely to close can negatively impact your numbers.

      This means that your focus should be on integrating tools and techniques with your sales process to ensure lead qualification, increased customer retention, and higher revenue.

      6. Evaluate Customer Experience Metrics

      Research shows that 66% of consumers expect companies to be able to anticipate and understand their unique needs.

      Customer experience can be hard to measure with a KPI or a specific metric, however, it has a tremendous impact on whether your customers are happy with your brand.

      Customer experience metrics can be used to:

      1. Explain previous investments
      2. Establish whether improvements have been made
      3. Define goals for future improvement or intervention when necessary

      Improvement in digital experiences is essential, and hiring a dedicated CX leader will enable you to get there as well as gain a competitive edge.

      7. Implement Social Listening

      Remember that social listening is one of the reasons why businesses grow.

      By monitoring conversations about your brand, you can identify insights to modify strategies and manage customer concerns.

      Therefore, you must equip your support team with the necessary tools to handle any situation as quickly as possible.

      This will enable you to monitor and improve customer service through social listening.

      Learn more about why you should use social listening, in this blog post.

      8. Conduct Regular Team Training

      Customers get to know about your company through your team members.

      Service experiences stay with your customers and inspire them to promote your brand.

      Turn your support team into a competitive advantage and engine for growth with training ideas and tools.

      Customer service training will help you retain customers, reduce employee churn, and build a customer-centric company.

      9. Follow-Up With Customers

      The customer is king.

      Therefore, it is only fair to follow up consistently to know about their thoughts regarding your products and services.

      While your customer support agent may feel the need to just get through the task and move forward, this may cause you to lose customers.

      Your customers want to be respected and cared for. One way to do this is to personalize their experience whenever possible.

      If your brand doesn’t honor them with this feeling they will simply purchase from your competitors.

      You need to make sure that your customer is happy with the resolution you provide. Consistent and thoughtful follow-ups are key.

      10. Create a Loyalty Program

      Research shows that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

      With a customer loyalty program, you can generate recurring business revenue.

      It’s simple. If you value customers, they will buy from you often and become brand advocates.

      However, before you launch a loyalty program, be sure to assess your customer’s current level of satisfaction with the help of surveys, interviews, and feedback.

      Then proceed to target frequent buyers of your product. As a matter of fact, customer loyalty programs are long-term customer retention strategies.

      The longer the customers benefit from loyalty programs, the more likely they are to stay true to a particular brand.

      11. Be Consistent and Reliable

      Nothing beats consistency.

      Especially when it means consistently serving customers and improving their experience of using your products and services.

      A lot goes into projecting yourself as a reliable entity. Here’s what you can do:

      1. Maintain a positive attitude as it goes a long way in providing excellent customer service
      2. Solve customer problems and build a supportive company culture
      3. Respond quickly, because this shows that you value your customer’s time
      4. Listen actively and check in regularly for customer feedback

      All this when done consistently makes you a reliable company.

      Final Thoughts

      Everything discussed above boils down to one thing. You need to value your customers.

      Nurture your customers and offer them timely support if they face problems.

      And that is a wrap on 11 tips to help you build a customer-centric strategy that’ll improve your relationship with customers and boost ROI.

      Outshine Your Competitors With a Customer-Centric Strategy!

      At Grazitti, we enable businesses to elevate the digital experience they provide to customers. Start your journey today! Should you want to know more, simply write to us at [email protected] and our digital marketing wizards will take it from there.

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