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      Key Takeaways from Dreamforce’19

      Dec 06, 2019

      3 minute read

      “As we’ve traveled the world, and as we’ve spoken to all of you there is one word that continues to come up over and over again. And that is the word that we are all anchored to today and at this conference. And it is: together.” Marc Benioff, Chairman and Co-CEO of Salesforce, kicked off his opening keynote on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, at Dreamforce with a concept of Togetherness.

      According to Benioff, together encompasses not just the technology collaboration of Salesforce, but both organizations and individuals who are committed to customer experience (CX), business growth, and progress. Together means considering and bringing all stakeholders and shareholders collectively on a single platform.

      Key Takeaways from Dreamforce’19

      Here are the highlights of the 4-days of adventure from the Dreamforce’19 campground:

      Day 1:

      Session on Diversity and Soft Skills took place where the important role of AI was put forth. The DF19 event commenced with an ample amount of great content, experiential activities on the campground, live music in the Dreamforest, intriguing conversations—on and off the stage, and a lot of learning about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

      Day 2:

      The second day was focused on the role every individual and enterprise plays to impact Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Another conversation about AI playing a crucial role in productivity and customer success, the panel discussed how to implement, adopt, and achieve a single view of the customer with AI.

      Day 3:

      DF ’19 was centralized around utilizing business as a platform for change beyond sustainability, equality, and climate on the 3rd day. The sessions consisted of discussions on the use of the power of invitation to promote representation, reconsidering food systems for sustainability, addressed climate crises, and discussions to promote equality among communities.

      Day 4:

      The last day of Dreamforce ’19 event was an ecstatic conclusion of the 4-days of adventure and focused on topics like Metacognition—which was the theme of the session, brain health, and resilience. The sessions comprised of mindful advice for professionals, and how metacognition can help you make tough decisions easier.

      Customer 360 Truth and Einstein Skills

      DF ‘19 comprised of two crucial announcements that reverberated in the keynote room and online. Customer 360 Truth is a set of capabilities that band together all your data points to set up a specific view of your customer. With the help of a particular source of truth, you can give your customers a personalized and relevant experience at every touchpoint.

      Your customers aren’t interested to know if they are interacting with various departments but want to connect with a brand that listens to them and offers a personalized experience. Customers can connect their data, authenticate identity, segment audiences, personalize experiences, and govern policies with the help of Customer 360 Truth.

      The second announcement that took the attention of Trailblazers was: Voice Capabilities from Einstein. Since its launch in 2016, Einstein AI has proved to be a guide that can anticipate service needs, surface insights, and recommend products. Now, Einstein offers guidance not just across marketing, sales, and services but also across the unified Customer 360.

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      The Tableau Moment

      Salesforce family welcomed its newest member: Tableau, the no. 1 analytics solution, during the event. Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky joined Marc Benioff on the Dreamforce stage for the first time and discussed Tableau and Salesforce’s shared passion for customer success and digital transformation. “You are dealing with a lot of data. And there are so many people who need to make decisions with that data. That’s why Tableau is focused on a singular mission: we help people see and understand data,” Adam said.

      Creating a Better World

      Salesforce has four core values, which have always guided them, these are Customer Success, Trust, Innovation, and Equality. But besides a better business, the Salesforce family also has a responsibility i.e., to create a better and more sustainable world.

      The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) took the front and center at the Dreamforce ‘19 event. Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka took the Dreamforce stage to discuss the importance of SDGs.

      The opening keynote served as evidence that people with distinct mindsets coming together, can accomplish great goals. The community of Trailblazers already know that Salesforce isn’t just here to change the world’s way of doing business, but can serve the stakeholders together, and establish deeper customer relations.

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