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      Product Design

      Learning About the Core Elements of Product Design the Easy Way

      May 08, 2018

      3 minute read

      A good design is never restricted by a specific definition. There are several examples out there which prove that innovation rules in product design. However, there are a few elements that are consistent in a good product design. Let us take a moment and try to answer the following question:

      Core Elements of Product Design

      What is design?

      There are several ways to interpret design. It is not just a noun but can also be used as a verb. With the right information at our disposal we can answer the question comprehensively. One best way to define the word is to look at its implications in real world and envision the possibilities of the subject.Let’s take a closer look at some of the most essential elements that you should keep in mind to create designs that confirm with the highest standards of product design. Take a look:

      1. Using the right tools

      Be it a simple pencil or one of the leading designing software, using every tool in the right manner and to an optimum level should be of prime importance for any designer. They should not be used to create mechanical designs, rather they should be used to amplify and integrate human intelligence and imagination to create outstanding designs.

      2. Learning from past mistakes

      Use the experience of others to learn about the mistakes made in the past. It is not necessary to re-invent the wheel every time. Feel the message that a creation conveys and learn from it. The bottom-line of a design is to invoke human response towards it.

      3. Emotional aspect of designs

      The human brain responds faster to visual content and this should be leveraged whenever possible. Try to empathize with the final user and try to think about their perspective when creating the design. To learn more about empathy in product design check out this article – Incorporating Empathy in Product Design to Improve User Experience.

      4. Use systems to simplify processes

      Always be open to new systems and approaches to design. Use wireframes, design computation, integrative designing, crowdsourcing, biomimicry and more to develop innovative designs that can tackle complex global challenges.

      5. Creating sustainable designs

      As responsible designers you should do your bit for the planet. Work on sustainable design movements and learn about the impact your designs will have on the environment and people around you.

      6. Using designs to drive growth

      When innovation and great design are integrated in a process, it gives the organizations a new tool to promote growth. It gives an added competitive advantage to the companies and this can be used to get consistent results over a considerable period of time.

      7. Understand the functions

      The functionalities in design are equally important. Focusing on style, aesthetics and form without thinking about the functions is a major slip up. It is possible to develop a wide range of functions with present day technology and the need seems to be truer than ever.

      8. Appearance

      All major organizations present their designs in a very vivid manner. The aesthetics play a major role in grabbing the customer’s attention. With the right look and design, you can easily convert more customers into clients.

      9. Being receptive to new ideas

      Great designer are always looking at the ‘What ifs?’ when working on new ideas. They create new and unexpected connections, integrate latest technologies and get inspired from the people around them, using crowdsourcing and innovation.


      Design process is defined by the way you get things done in real time. You should always consider integrating new technologies and incorporate new approaches to bring a radical change during various phases.

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