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      MadCap Flare

      MadCap Flare’s 2021 r2 Update is Here

      Sep 23, 2021

      3 minute read

      With constant technological evolution, the need to devise a powerful employee and customer-centric learning and development program (L&D) cannot be ignored.

      More than that, producing quality content that keeps users hooked and delivers a high rate of retention is a must for organizational success. This is the reason why blended learning programs are picking up pace as employees and customers can access this material as and when they wish to learn.

      MadCap Flare is an advanced authoring and publishing tool to empower content creators. And to keep its users ahead of any new curveballs, they roll out new upgrades with advanced features.

      MadCap Flare’s recent 2021 r2 updates are packed with unique functionalities. These updates ensure that the content you’re creating for your L&D program is optimized and engaging.


      Let’s explore what’s new with MadCap Flare and how it can level up your content and design efforts.

      Everything About MadCap Flare’s r2, 2021 Capabilities

      The release of MadCap Flare r2 features, 2021 is a boon for the technical writing and communication world. The learning and development industry will also benefit from these updates as it comes with some awesome e-Learning features.

      Let’s take a look at some of the most significant r2 capabilities.


      1. Content Re-Usability With Single-Source Authoring: A major benefit of this new feature is that content developers can reuse technical content to formulate eLearning content such as quizzes, puzzles, visual slideshows, knowledge checks, and more from a single source location. Also, subject matter experts, technical writers, and instructional designers can easily collaborate to review and share meaningful content across the organization, while maintaining brand consistency.

      2. Effective Content Organization: Using the newly introduced MadCap Flare’s r2 features, creators develop scalable training content pieces for segmented eLearning. The materials can be recycled and arranged in different categories like course, product, topic, etc.

      3. Easy Creation with Pre-built Project Templates: Creating simple tests from project templates just got easier with the new update. And the best part is, you don’t need programming knowledge or multimedia tool expertise.

      4. Publish on Multiple Channels Conveniently: Content developers can curate their courses to serve a variety of purposes and devices with responsive HTML5 web output like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI compliant. Also, creators can produce PDF output for the created course.

      5. Create Efficient Workflows: Every process is simplified, be it importing, managing content from Microsoft Word, embedding interactive courses, to publishing in multiple languages especially when using Flare with other MadCap Software products like MadCap Central or MadCap Lingo.

      6. Quickly Create Content with eLearning Toolbar: The new eLearning toolbar ribbon enables content developers to add controls that help create numerous choices or multiple response questions, feedbacks, tests, and more.

      7. Develop Custom Passes and Randomize Answers: Creators can leverage the option to create tests, assign passing scores, create custom test reports for quizzes and puzzles and also, limit test attempts.

      8. Easily Add Interactive eLearning Content: Just text in your eLearning content can be bland, you need to take things up a notch. With the new r2 update, you can easily embed any kind of web-based content or multimedia into your eLearning content including Instructor/Demo Videos, or documents into your course content using an IFrame element. Also, now you can reuse eLearning elements such as text, images, videos, and audio from one source location.

      9. Automate Build Publishing via Command Line: With enhanced automated support publishing your content just became easier. You can publish content with passing credentials through the command line using madbuild.

      In addition to all these features, MadCap Flare has also added new tutorials to its online help support resources. These tutorials are ideal to help anyone get started with the workflows swiftly.

      MadCap Software’s updates are all about making the software more powerful and streamlining content efforts. Advanced support for the learning and development space provides a lot of value to organizations of all shapes and sizes. The convenience of adding quizzes and knowledge checks directly into online sites, and the ability to integrate and export portions of different portals into actual SCORM courses, enables you to take your content reuse efforts to a new level.

      Want to know how you can leverage the new MadCap Flare releases? Contact us.

      Grazitti’s certified experts can help you with anything MadCap Flare to create clear-cut user manuals, instruction guides, technical documentation, and a lot more. To know more, email us at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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