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      New Chatter Features to Buzz Winter’15

      Oct 18, 2014

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce’14 fever isn’t yet over. It has been a fusion of sheer fun and a master class of industry show; and to look forward now is Salesforce Winter’15 release. With Winter’15 around the corner, there’s a lot of buzz around already. A few pronouncements to boost the interest are:

      • New Chatter Features
      • Self-Designed and Self-Deployable Communities
      • A Completely Revamped Salesforce Mobile Experience
      • New features
      • Enhanced Integration with eminent Social Media Platforms
      • Journey Builder
      • Data Encryption
      • Enhanced Agent Console, and much more!

      While Summer’14 releases imparted greater mobile and dashboard experience, Winter’15 is all about more customization, higher security, intelligent knowledgebase, and more! Previous bugs have also been fixed including asking questions in Chatter, which was available in its Beta version in Summer’14. It will now be fully available!

      More about Chatter!

      Chatter is one of the smartest ways of collaborating. Winter’15 brings a lot more to it – tighter security, improved rich text editor, intelligent Chatter Questions, and integrating with enterprise software like Microsoft Sharepoint or Office 365. This may be an amalgamation of some uncommon features, but is certainly a matured make-over of the Chatter product.


      Let’s find about these features more:

        • Chatter Questions
          Community users can now ask a question and instantly see the similar questions dropping down that have already been asked, resulting in reduced noise and faster answers. With Chatter Questions, you can:
          • get rid of redundancy
          • go through similar questions asked in the past or even from Salesforce Knowledge articles, as you type your question
          • post your question directly if you don’t find what you’re looking for
          • now find an effective replacement for Chatter Answers instantly
          • use it internally as well as in Salesforce Communities

      Question Feed Item

        • Higher Security
          Chatter has been too open for truly confidential conversations to take place lately. With view all data, users could access information in private groups and other users could see private groups and could request access to join. But now,
          • groups are invisible to standard users
          • users with view all or modify all data cannot see the groups unless they have a special permission
          • you can manage Unlisted Groups
        • Search for External Files
          You store files in Sharepoint and want to collaborate in Chatter? You can now:
          • setup Files to search your Sharepoint
          • post Sharepoint documents to your Chatter feed
          • be secured about the permissions you have already setup as there cannot be violation of the same in Sharepoint
        • Improved Look for Rich Text Editor
          Also known as the HTML Editor, Rich Text Editor which is available in most rich text area fields has now a new look. It has:
          • better performance
          • bug fixes
          • improved styling for pasted data
          • improved handling for pasted images
          • increased compatibility with newer browsers
          • also available in custom fields like Knowledge article editor, questions in Chatter Answers, and the Case Feed Email action, for better customization

      Pic Text Editor

      • Recommendations are now Customizable
        Recommendations will now suggest groups to join, and users setup the “Today” app by providing an easy button to start that process. Marketing, Sales or Support can create recommendations to drive certain behaviours. Moreover, recommendations can now be customized. You can now:
        • target specific types of users
        • display recommendations natively in the feed and not disturb the user experience like those in Twitter or Instagram

      There is a lot more to Winter’15 along with the amazing announcements during Dreamforce’14. I will keep sharing the updates. Stay Connected!

      Grazitti Salesforce Services

      With many features added already, there is still a whole lot of scope for added and customized features in Chatter, and other Salesforce services. Grazitti designs, develops and deploys Salesforce CRM and cloud platform for large and mid-size organizations. From Salesforce implementation, 3rd party integration to application development, our team of certified Salesforce consultants deliver the optimum solutions. Learn more!
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