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      Optimizing Boomi For Improved Team Performance and Effectiveness: A Success Story

      May 27, 2021

      3 minute read

      Over 10,000 businesses from around the globe today use Boomi. But integrations and managing those integrations aren’t that straightforward, are they? That’s why many businesses opt to work with a Boomi Partner.

      A Boomi partner helps businesses leverage Boomi to optimize the performance and effectiveness of their teams. Also, a partner helps them achieve project success with valuable advice on how to work with Boomi.

      Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Boomi Partner

      • Integration Expertise: A Boomi partner is an expert in integration projects and has wide exposure to many different systems. Thus, a partner can help by guiding you through managing integrations, layout, and organizing libraries, doing accelerated data mapping and providing best practices.
      • Implementation Services: Boomi partners are trained in cloud-to-cloud and hybrid on-premise deployments and implementation. A reliable partner can ensure smooth go-lives with minimized risk.
      • Boomi Managed Services: Boomi partners, via managed services, define, create, deploy, and manage the Boomi platform. They have experience in Master Data Management, Automated workflows, and others.
      • Ongoing Support: A Boomi partner can provide ongoing support whenever required. Typically, these support contracts are negotiated as part of the project.

      Let’s explain this to you with Grazitti’s success story of how we, as a Boomi Partner, helped a leading VoIP products provider based out of the USA.

      Challenges the Customer Was Facing

      The customer didn’t have an in-house team of experts to manage and optimize their Boomi system and they were facing challenges with workflow and process breakages. So, they were looking for a Boomi partner to help them with developing integration processes based on their needs. They also wanted the partner to provide consultation with best practices to help them optimize the Boomi system.

      Based on their requirements, our Boomi admins and developers firstly fixed the workflows and process breakages. Their team of technical architects shared certain requirements for which our Boomi developers built some of the out-of-the-box solutions.

      Solutions We Developed

      1. An Email Communication for Process Runs

      We set up an email communication process for process run failures. Following is what it enabled:

      • Users need not log in and go through the Boomi logs to confirm if the process execution was successful or if there was any failure. In case of failed process runs, users are notified via email.
      • In the case of complex processes (those containing multiple sub-processes and if errors occur in more than one sub-process), a single email is sent to the user with the name of the parent process that failed and all the error messages.
      • Multiple email addresses can be added as recipients of the error notification.

      2. Wavecell and Salesforce Integration

      We performed the integration between Salesforce and Wavecell. The integration resulted in the following:

      • Fetching qualified leads from along with Phone Numbers.
      • Hitting Wavecell API to send SMS.
      • Allowing prospects to reply ‘STOP’ if they wish to stop receiving the SMSes.
      • Updating lead/prospect in Salesforce, that is, removing it from qualified leads.

      3. Boomi Logs’ Syncing to Dashbase

      In the absence of syncing, Boomi logs were removed after some time based on atom setting, say (3 days – 30 days) and troubleshooting critical processes became difficult due to logs being purged from Boomi. To overpower this, we built a solution to sync the Boomi logs to Dashbase for critical processes.

      For detailed solutions and the outcomes of these solutions, download this case study from here.

      Looking for a reliable Boomi partner? Let’s connect.

      Grazitti Interactive is a trusted Dell Boomi Partner with numerous successful implementations and integrations to our credit. If normalizing data, automating business processes, and providing better customer and user experience using Dell Boomi is what you want, drop us a line at [email protected].

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