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      7 Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi For Your iPaaS Vendor

      Sep 03, 2020

      3 minute read

      Just a mere transition to Boomi can save an organization up to $1.5 million in infrastructure cost and management.

      That’s what a Forrester study found in their report – The Total Economic Impact of the Dell Boomi Platform.

      The dynamics of the digital and IT business sphere are incredibly competitive and evolving, which makes every business realize the need for integration. If you are using Boomi to hold true to the current hybrid IT environment, then you are already on the right track.

      Reasons to Choose Dell Boomi

      If not, then read on why you should choose it over other iPaaS vendors.

      1. Omnichannel Connectivity & Integration

      Dell Boomi comes with predefined processes or modules that can be dragged and dropped to achieve integration of any sort, while also ensuring custom code scripting. Adaptable to any business environment, it connects apps, data, and business systems anywhere, on-premises, or cloud with connectors to 200+ applications and 1,000+ endpoints.

      2. Economies of Skill

      With multiple platforms reduced to a single iPaaS cloud application platform, Dell Boomi is cost and time effective as it reduces the need for numerous trained employees. Its intuitive visual design interface and library of pre-built connectors simplify and accelerate ramp-up time, reducing training requirements for your team.

      3. Manageable Cost of Ownership

      Boomi is a long-term value-adding asset for companies of all sizes, with scalable pricing models to support pay-as-you-go subscriptions. So, you pay for just what you need while ensuring higher developers’ productivity.

      4. Room for Innovation

      With more than 23 patents, Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform leads the way into the future with standalone modules—AtomSphere, MDM, and API management functionalities. You can be assured of Boomi’s innovation with a sturdy backing of Dell Technologies, that has integrated multiple business systems into a unified cloud platform.

      5. Effective Data Management

      Dell Boomi, through Master Data Hub (a native cloud solution), normalizes data across various data sources, deduplicates data using fuzzy logic, and supports data stewardship by rejecting or reviewing suspect data. Any business can govern data quality and perform comprehensive analytics using Data Hub.

      6. Better API Environment

      With a simple visual interface, Boomi comes with a full-bodied API life cycle and toolkit that lets developers quickly develop, publish, and manage their APIs with less coding efforts. You can use the reporting dashboard within the platform to centrally supervise the API environment and send relevant data to key internal and external stakeholders.

      7. Integration Efficiencies & Risk Reduction

      Unlike other iPaaS vendors, Boomi offers various crowdsourced best-practice features, namely Boomi Suggest, Boomi Assure, and Boomi Resolve. All of them together assure a better time to value and lower cost of integration. Dell Boomi’s single instance, multi-tenant platform fosters integration efficiencies, thus reducing risk to a great extent.

      While the benefits of implementing Boomi to your business are endless, implementing, and managing it is quite a task. This calls for having a Boomi service provider that can assist you right from implementation to support. From consulting services to management and add on services, Grazitti’s expertise can simplify it for you.

      Need help with Dell Boomi implementation? Contact us!

      Grazitti Interactive is a Certified Dell Boomi Implementation Partner with numerous successful implementations and integrations to its credit. If you intend to normalize data, automate business processes, and provide better customer and user experience using Dell Boomi, drop us an email at [email protected].

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