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      Landing Page Development

      Proven Best Practices – Landing Page Development

      Aug 25, 2009

      2 minute read

      A Landing page is the entry point to your website for visitors who reach your website by clicking an external link. The visitor reaches the landing page directly without any navigation. You have only 5 seconds to capture the visitor’s attention, a compelling user experience in these 5 seconds will convert the visitor into a customer. Effective Landing pages can boost the conversion rate of your site.

      Here are some proven best practices for landing page development:

      Catchy Headline

      • Clear, sharp and to the point.
      • That instantly conveys the message to the audience.


      • Use real-estate on the page efficiently.
      • Layout and design need to be clean and relevant to the topic.
      • A nice picture is worth a thousand words.
      • Use dark colors–they tend to attract the maximum user attention.

      Clean and Clear Text

      • Highly focused content that matches the search that linked to the page.
      • Use lots of headings and sub-headings.
      • Keep space around the text.
      • Use simple and easy to read fonts.


      • Not everybody has a broadband, so make sure the landing page loads quickly.
      • While using forms to capture customer information, keep it short and simple.
      • Ask only for important information and clearly indicate required fields.
      • Delete anything that slows or distracts someone from filling out the form.


      • Create multiple landing pages one for each specific audience.
      • Ask questions about problems that your audience often face, and provide answers.
      • Repeat call-to-action like, “Call Now”, “Sign up Now” multiple times to maximize clicks.


      • Make sure the landing pages are compatible for cross/all browsers.
      • Avoid using JavaScript where ever is possible.


      • Landing pages must be validated before setting up them live.
      • Use w3school validation tool and you can also use Dreamweaver validation tool if you are using it.

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